Detective Charlie West
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Maggie Gyllenhaal as Charlie West
Name: Charlie West
Alias: None Currently Known
Age: 27
Hair & Eyes: Brown, Green
DOB: 14 Feb 1980
Faction: LVMPD
Position: Detective
Employment: City of Las Vegas
Play Times: 8p - 2a.
Timezone: GMT -5

General Information

West arrived in town sometime in late March to early April 2007. She lives in a loft apartment above the Rathskeller, which might explain why she spends so much time malingering in that particular establishment. It was generally rumored that she was in bond enforcement back in New York city, where she most recently lived. It has come to light recently, however, that Charlie West was serving as an undercover police detective.

West has, since sometime in mid-June, broken cover, and is officially on the books as a Detective for the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. She has been involved in numerous cases around town, a couple of them high profile, though her name and likeness are never splashed. In fact, it's rare that she's seen, if ever, at large crime scenes.

West is known, about the office, to be the specialist on site on Preternatural Society. It is because of her knowledge of their society that many Shifters will be seen associating with her and, of course, her tight relationship with some of the Rodere, including on Anthony Paratico. West is known to the preternatural community to be easygoing, a little on non-conformist side, and all around good time girl. Still, she's a cop. And a human. This leads many to be somewhat wary of her. She has shown, on several occasions, a less than staunch adherence for the letter of the law—just never in front of the brass. Her true position on the human/shifter divide is a mystery.

West is on maternity leave from the LVMPD following the very recent birth of her son.

Known Associates

  • Anthony Paratico - The nature of their relationship is, generally, uncertain, though it is assumed, in many circles, that the baby she is carrying is his. Some say they live together, others merely assume Tony is just her landlord. Rumors everywhere! Anthony is the owner of the Rathskeller. The thing is, West's heavily armed. Not that many people will give her shit about her personal life, for fear of losing a limb or sustaining a broken nose. That's why the stuff with her and Tony remains largely rumor. People are sort of afraid to ask.
  • Davis - The large bartender employed at the Rathskeller, Davis seems to be a fixture in West's routine. She often can be seen down there chatting with him, referring to him as 'Davis-my-love' and any number of other pet names he doesn't seem to object to. He even mixes special drinks for her, and often has one ready by the time she crosses the club to the bar to order.
  • Captain Christopher Thorpe - Thorpe is West's commanding officer, and was her handler when she was undercover. The two often have coffee together, and tend to meet when ever there's any sort of supernatural hubbub going on in the city. She frequents his office, and there's been a few yelling matches through closed doors, but the details are always too garbled to make out. One thing's for sure—neither of them pull any punches.
  • Lucas - The tattoo artist known only as 'Lucas' is responsible for the bramble tattoo on Charlie's inner wrist. Though she doesn't tell everyone who asks, she does, occasionally, direct clients toward Pistol Whip Inks. West knows all the most fun people!
  • Cherish - Wererat. Nanny to West's son, Cole. There's… well. It's really hard to describe Cherish. You just have to meet her. Trust me.

Events of Note (Logs)

  • 2008.03.12 : (IC: 13 December 2007) West delivers a baby boy. 6lb 7oz. Cole Anthony West. She names the baby after her best friend and former lover, Cole, an RPIT Detective who died in the line of duty in 2006 in New York City, NY.
  • 2008.02.16 : Special at Joe's : Thorpe, Sabella, West & Anthony hit Joe's Diner after lunch rush. West meets Sabella, massages are discussed, and subtext reigns supreme.
  • 2008.02.15 : Of Coffee & Pools : Thorpe & West have coffee at Joe's Diner. West's on a leave of absence from the force. So. Bored.
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