Vigo Mortensen
Vigo Mortensen as Vladislav Anatoily
Name: Vladislav Anatoily
Alias: Vladi
Age: 36
Hair & Eyes: Black hair, Gray eyes
DOB: July 23, 1972
Faction: Rodere
Position: Head of Security for Rathskeller
Employment: Employer(s)
Play Times: Afternoons CST
Timezone: CST

Vladislav Anatoily is the Head of Security for the Rathskeller, and presumed enforcer for the local Rodere clan. He has a long and public criminal record for assault and battery and various organized crime activites, all dating from prior to his infection. Since becoming infected, he hasn't been formally charged or pinned with any crimes though, keeping his head down. A figure of minor notoriety in Las Vegas tabloids, time alone will tell.

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