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Las Vegas has a unique and colorful history. The name is Spanish for "The Meadows" and was an oasis in the desolation of the surrounding desert aided by natural springs that brought precious water close to the surface. In 1905, the railroad was functioning, and Vegas was a prime water-stop along the arid route. Tent cities developed into a larger town and precious metals that had been found in the surrounding desert could now be brought to market with an ease as never before. The influx of money meant gambling, and speculation, and Vegas began to grow.

With the speculation and money came the Vampires…

In our original theme we have been influenced by a great many elements. We would like to give our vampire PCs the tools needed to enable diverse and novel storytelling. Please acquaint yourselves with the following pages to learn about the SC vampire faction.

What You Need to Know

Vampires are "out" in our theme. They are known about by the human population and have been operating openly in the US and the EU for about 10 years. While many find them spawn of Satan, others find their presence titilating and exciting. There are laws to oversee feeding now in the Court system, and the penalties against vampires are often severe. Vampires find themselves to be in a position where their nature has never been so accepted, nor under so much scrutiny. Read more about Vampiric traits and rules here.

Vampire Hierarchy

Vampires in a natural setting would diffuse through the country in order to never tax a population and draw undo attention to themselves. The modern world and the growth of cities has changed things, however, and vampires in close contact with one another generally choose to organize under a feudal hierarchy of a Baron, his lieutenants, and other vampires. This is generally referred to as the Baron's "Court" as well as the physical event that takes place. For all intents and purposes, the Baron is the owner of the territory, and it is by his/her indulgence that any vampire in his/her territory be allowed to exist. Read more here.


The Families

Sin City Mux’s vampire families are based on the Seven Deadly Sins. This list is a work in progress, and people who choose to take vampire characters will be instrumental in helping to flesh out this exciting new area. Read the detailed descriptions of each here.

History of Vampirism in Las Vegas

Vampires becoming legitimate came perhaps as less surprise to the people of Las Vegas than anywhere else in North America. Las Vegas has forever been a town where anything can happen, and usually does (for a price). The families moved forward into the spotlight, and the Greed vampires were quick to form entrepreneurial opportunities for all vampire kind. Read more here.

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