"I don't like violence, Tom. I'm a businessman; blood is a big expense." -Sollozzo, The Godfather

Name: Tom Mullins
Age: 42

Born in a small Indiana town not far from Indianapolis, Tom Mullins grew up with a family with a love of the great Middle-America pastime of racing. Before he could throw a football he was turning a wrench, and there was always a project car or five in the family driveway. He was the middle child of an older brother and younger sister with parents who were perhaps on the rugged side of life, and permissive of their children, yet very strict in a custodial sense. It is hard to avoid vice on the amateur racing circuit, and it was there that the then-19 Tom would meet the woman who'd take his infect him with lycanthropy.

The beer was flowing that night, and Tom was seduced willingly by the exotic woman in leather and who rode the restored Indian into the pits of the amateur racing circuit encampment down in Tennessee. A sordid night followed, with a truly wild time that left Tom breathless and wanting more, scraped and bruised and utterly fascinated. The infection followed, and Tom found the woman down the road before the next moon. He shifted under her guidance, and though she was not an alpha, she was able to keep him from hurting anyone. She cared enough to put him in touch with some people who'd be his pack in the early years people that like Clarice were involved in the racing circuit, and traveled around the country doing their thing. It was the most natural thing in the world for Tom to travel with them, and his family supported his decision to create a life of his own. The Vagabond pack taught Tom what it was to be a shifter, and the unique lore of the Pack. They taught him to fight and to think, and the manners appropriate when traveling into another's territory. It was soon clear that Tom would be no average Beta shifter, but bound for greatness.

Tom learned through his early 20's, and as he grew older, the desire to settle and find his own place overcame the need to wander. Tom was an imposing figure and good with his hands. Years on the road had allowed him a gift of gab, and he made friends easily. Negotiation came easy to the man. He settled near Denver, and rose within the ranks to become top Beta of the large Denver pack. His skills in negotiation were valuable, and he started as a bouncer for the vampire clubs, and soon turned his skills to an entrepreneurial private security enterprise. When rumors of the Vegas pack's troubles, Tom headed west to see if he could have a pack to call his own. The pack was already weakened by years of strife, and it was an easy display of strength and skill to show that Tom was ready for the limelight.

Currently running his own private personnel protection firm, Kings Security, he represents not only himself but the Pack. Both are a testament to his strength and indomitable will.

Faction: Wolves
Position: Crazy Eights Alpha

RP Logs:
Leader of the Pack

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