Captain Christopher Thorpe
John M. Jackson
John M. Jackson as Christopher Thorpe
Name: Christopher Thorpe
Alias: Chris
Age: 37
Hair & Eyes: Bald / Green
DOB: February 13, 1970
Faction: LVMPD
Position: Captain of the Downtown District
Employment: Las Vegas Metro Police
Play Times: Evenings, Weekends
Timezone: GMT-5 (US Eastern)


Christopher Andrew Thorpe was born on February 13, 1970 to Michael and Susan Thorpe in Buffalo, New York. The middle child of the Thorpe family Chris is five years younger than his sister, Susan, and two years older than his brother, Michael Jr. Raised in the quiet family of a respected city mechanic, Christopher stayed on the straight and narrow throughout school. Being the middle child left him commonly neglected from family arguments of his sister dating or his brother racing that the only family activity was hunting with his father and brother in the woods of Buffalo. The expectation of the family was to take over the family auto repair in his due time. Christopher decided he had plenty of time to get to that, he enlisted in the US Army straight out of High School.

After enlisting with a seven year contract Chris immediately took an affinity to the Army lifestyle. After graduating from Boot Camp he quickly signed up for Ranger school as soon as possible. Shortly after completing Ranger school he was shipped to Kuwait for Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1990 through 1991. After the quick defeat in the desert, Chris transferred to the the 10th Mountain Division. The Light Infranty group was renowned for their quick response. This was quickly called to action during the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993, which he participated in helping recovering the pinned Rangers from the city. Serving only another two years after Mogadishu he was honorably discharged from the US Army as a Sergeant First Class.

Before getting completely discharged Chris took advantage of a pioneering program by the Las Vegas Metro Police to transition active US Army into the Police Force. Spending most of his military career in the desert, it only made sense. With Chris' experience he was promptly put in as a Sergeant on the streets after only six months as a police officer. From his time as a Street Sergeant he took the Detective's test and became a Homicide Detective in 1999. From 1999 to 2004 he worked multiple cases in Homicide and proved his capability as a leader among peers and able to handle the stresses of multiple cases. Senior brass within the LVMPD recognized the growing star and gave him a trial by fire as the Homicide Lieutenant. After only two years as a Lieutenant the alignment of the stars followed Chris as he was named Captain of the Downtown Division in 2006, where he has been in command ever since.


Standing around 6'2" the broad shouldered and well built older man fills his clothing snugly. A shaved tanned head gleams faintly in the light and years of exposure is visible cross his cleanly shaven face. Dark green eyes recess in the seasoned sockets and his lips remain thinly pursed between conversations.

The light grey pinstripe suit is custom tailored to fit his stature well. A simple blue tie lays on top of the white with blue striped shirt, a military logo is barely visible on the tie's tack. The left lapel holds a small American Flag that is quite the common sight among political figures and other supporters. Hooked to his belt is the shining badge of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, just to the right of it on his hip is the holstered Glock sidearm that is issued to all LVMPD personnel.


2008.02.15 : Of Coffee & Pools : Thorpe & West have coffee at Joe's Diner.
2008.02.16 : Special at Joe's: Post lunch rush leads to running into of lots of familiar (and new!) faces.

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