Sin City's Theme

Sin City is set in a theme of original dark horror. It is loosely based on many popular culture ideas, and borrows more heavily from some than others, but the Staff here strive to come up with unique and original concepts where possible. We wish to depart from derivative stories and engage in a more visceral, organic universe that is not limited by one person's vision.

The basic premise of this world is that many of the things you've heard about in stories and fairy-tales are real. Vampires and Shapeshifters are known, out in the eye of the public, and though rare, operate openly and (mostly) comply with human laws. At least, on the surface. Shifters are heavily discriminated against, while Vampires seem to be more or less fine in society as a whole. The vampires are more cohesive and thereby present a unified front for the sake of PR. The shifters fight an uphill battle.

Within their own societies, they have their own sets of rules that they keep to themselves. Some parts of their communities are shown to the humans, some are not. Of course, if you plan to take on the role of a supernatural creature, remember to familiarize yourself with their rules and regulations! Those who don't often fall into trouble once among their own kind. But maybe you like trouble! The Wiki is meant to be your map, whilst your fellow players will be your guide.

We have found that the recent remake of "Fright Night" provides insight into the kind of vampires we'd like to see. They may not have a cadre of cool physical powers, but they get by with intelligence and endurance.

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