Special Characters

Special Characters are supernatural types who do not fit into a standard definition, or are leaders of their respective groups. These include Shifter leaders, old vampires, or on the human side, animators, wizards and psychics. Or something we have not considered in these pages.

IC Character Advancement

Advancement of your PC is done via a mix of factors. If you seek to increase some skill or power, you will need to work with other players to make that happen. If a wererat wants to improve his unarmed combat, he would seek out someone on-grid who can train him. This creates RP opportunites on grid and that makes the game thrive. If no one is available for the skill you wish to improve, please ask staff and we'll see what we can work out.

The MUSH requires unfamiliar (i.e. we don't know you) players to be on-grid for three months before applying for an increase in any skill. The idea is that in that time we'll get an idea of what kind of RPer you are, and we'll be able to see whether you're the sort of person who creates RP for others or who sits in a room and idles the entire time. Obviously, we'd like to have people with 'good' numbers out there and doing stuff. On the other hand, if your PC encounters a problem and needs to have a *reduction* in anything (Your supermodel has acid thrown in his face, etc.), this will be handled on a case-by-case basis as soon as possible.

No one has the right to one of the following slots.


All Leader PCs are expected to help the MUSH. Providing good RP to people is just part of it. Leader PCs are expected to be welcoming to newbies, to help other players out with the rules, to work with leader PCs in other groups to help facilitate cross-Sphere RP, and so on.

Sphere leaders

The Pack

  1. Alpha. Tom Mullins
  2. Alpha. (open)
  3. Beta. Gabriel
  4. Beta. Leonie
  5. Omega. (open)

The Hunt (Werecats)

  1. Raj. Dominic Valentijn
  2. Raja. (open)
  3. Turner. (open)
  4. Dean. (open)
  5. Roberts. (open)
  6. Rajput. (open)
  7. Vizier. (open)

The Nest (Wererats)

  1. Sihing Rat. (open)
  2. Consiglieri. (open)
  3. Mister of Narcotics. (open)
  4. Mister of Vice. (open)
  5. Mister of Security (open)
  6. Mister of Internal Affairs (open)
  7. Mister of Banking (open)


  1. Baron. Mr. See, Greed Vampire, NPC
  2. Lieutenant, Morning Star. Gwen Rosemont, Envy Vampire
  3. Lieutenant, Evening Star. (open)

Wizards, Psychics, and Others

We don't quite know how to fit these characters into the game from a fair mechanics point of view. If you have a brilliant idea, you are welcomed to explore this with staff.

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