Skills reflect a character's training and proficiency in areas that are not determined by the Aptitude skill alone. Some sample skills are listed in this file. These are just examples. You have the freedom to choose skills of your own design, limited only by your imagination and Staff approval!

Intellectual Skills: Knowledge: <Type>, Elite Computer Hacker, Encryption/Decryption, Random Trivia, Bureaucratic Navigation, etc.

Professional Skills: Accountant, Bloodsucking Lawyer, Carpentry, Gunsmithing, Electronics Repair, Forensic Investigation, First Aid, etc.

Physical Skills: Driving, Piloting, Sleight of Hand, Boating, Extreme Sports Enthusiast, High Liquor Tolerance, etc.

Negative Skills (D20): Low Liquor Tolerance, Terrible Driver, Illiterate, Can't Even Cook Ramen, etc.

Please note: Skills can be rolled individually or as challenged rolls to other players depending on the situation.

Difficulty for skills rolls are generally determined by Staff. The default difficulty for anything is generally 6 unless otherwise noted. Under the Combat files, there is a section on difficulties.

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