SCMux Policies

Sin City MUX is not a game which is particularly geared toward people who are new to the world of MUSHing. We welcome players with varied interests and backgrounds, but the demand for adherence to theme. We have posted this list to make you aware that we are a blunt staff, who is not afraid to say just what we think. We love our players and will support your stories, but we also demand that your stories reflect our theme.

We ask that if you choose to play here, you remember this is just a game, and the DMs or Staffers are the final word. That said, if you're feeling brave, continue on! We look forward to welcoming you to the grid.

User Agreement

Completing Character Generation (cGen) on Sin City MUX is seen as agreement to the following:

  • I will be over the age of 18.
  • I will not allow anyone else to log on to my account(s).
  • I will not attempt to hack or harm Sin City or its web site.
  • I will not use Sin City to commit or solicit illegal activities.
  • I will aquaint myself with the news files and keep up with BBoards and forums to the best of my ability.
  • I will accept responsibility for my actions, including unfortunate choices OOC.
  • I will understand that logging in while under the influence is not an excuse for any poor IC actions or decisions.
  • I will not cheat, exploit code loopholes, or steal in an OOC manner.
  • I will not reveal other people's private RL information, including alts. Privacy is a right, and well-respected here.
  • I will remember that bulletin boards, channels, and the wiki are OOC venues and information there cannot be used ICly unless specifically stated.
  • I will do my best to abide by common courtesy & SC's Policy Files.
  • I will endeavor to act like an adult playing on a community with Adult players.
  • I understand that SC is a privately owned, privately managed game by a volunteer staff. Playing here is a privilege, not a right

Bad behavior or harassment on channels will gain staff attention and is not acceptable. This includes attention-whoring and drama-mongering, and passive-aggressive harassment of other players or staff. Violation of any of these agreements may endanger your continued involvement in the SinCity community. Staff will endeavor to work with any player encountering difficulties to the best of our ability, though our goals are to have fun as well. The player will be spoken to, and if the problems continue we may ask them to take a break from the game. If the problems continues beyond the vacation, the break may become mandatory.

We recognize that everyone has bad days, and even bad years, and while we do value the supportive nature of an online game, we also recognize that the purpose of this game is not as an emotional outlet for OOC behavioral issues. We're here to play, not as a canned support group. We hope you feel the same!

The basic synopsis is this: We're not your Mom. Don't expect that of us, and don't be a jerk (ooc) and we'll do just fine.

Player Rights

Players at Sin City have the right to:

  • have fun with their character(s) without being spied on by players or staff
  • own a residence used for private RP (but if you for sure want to keep it private, take it to a TP room. ALL grid rooms are subject to IC happenings.)
  • be asked before people barge into your private scenes (it's just rude).
  • seek help from staff on any issue relating to the game
  • use the public areas of the MUX to roleplay with others
  • keep their alts and personal information private.
  • Give Stardust cookies.


We are a Non-Consent Mux. This means that you can be killed against your will if your IC behaviors lead up to such an act. We do not support random PK (player-killing) as it serves no advantage to our story. However, if your PC is doing ill-advised things (like barging into a shifter camp with steak strapped to your chest), we believe that realism dictates realistic consequences. Any PK is staff-mediated and requires approval.

1. You may 'fade to black' on a scene at will. No player is required to pose out the gory details of a scene that would make them uncomfortable OOC; however, players who 'fade to black' should negotiate an outcome. Fade to black (ftb) can be invoked to allow a scene to conclude off-screen, where events are not described pose-by-pose, but instead assumed to have simply happened.

2. You're not required to participate in plots/events hosted by staff or other players; however, you cannot ignore the effects they have on the IC world. If something rains down on you as a result of major plots simply because, for example, you are a shifter, you will have to deal with these issues. And, as always, ICA=ICC.

3. Death comes to those who act ill-advisedly; the same can happen on a MUX, especially in the horror genre. Although we discourage rampant or random 'player character' (PC) killing, we also encourage people to create characters with flaws and weaknesses, and in this theme, your character has a good chance of risking death by being active and involved. If you have an OOC problem with the possibility of losing your character at some point, disconnect now. While involuntary character death is rare, it is something that can and does happen in a horror theme.

4. If your character goes against his faction, you will not be granted a free pass. You should expect IC ramifications, such as being hunted down and other bad things. We will not save you from yourself. If you piss off another faction, they may hunt you down too!

A note on 'Hard' Scenes

While we do not outright ban players from roleplaying scenes that involve rape, torture, or other 'hardcore' situations, please remember that scenes of this nature may be especially uncomfortable for some players to cope with, and no one is ever required to RP them. To this end we do not allow players to engage in scenes involving rape, torture, 'snuff', or other 'hardcore' events in public rooms. ONLY rooms that are privately owned or have exits that can be locked by the participants of the scene qualify as 'non-public' for the purposes of this rule. Players caught breaching this policy will be invited to leave Sin City. Keep the drama IC, people. If someone says FtB (fade to black), respect it.

Additionally, please note that acts that are against the laws of the city, county, state or nation of Sin City's theme may result in consequences if the incident comes to the attention of the IC law enforcement sphere. Keep the kink IC, and off the public grid unless you wanna get arrested and chucked in the pokey.


Having too many alternate characters (alts) on one MUX can cause problems, whether it's a simple lack of time to keep up with the characters, or getting what Alt_A knows confused with Alt_B. Each player on Sin City is limited to 3 alternate characters (alts) at a time, including your primary. (BLDR and staff accounts are excluded.)

  • Users are expected to keep their alts separate: Alts are not allowed to RP in the same scene or otherwise interact without prior permission from staff (such as to allow participation in a staff-hosted plot or special event).
  • Alts cannot share @quota, residences or vehicles.
  • You may not use IC powers or commands on your own alternate characters.
  • Information obtained by Alt_A is never automagically known by Alt_B.

Bottom line? You cheat, we flay you.

We prefer that Players play with us for 4 RL weeks before making an alt. Unless, of course, the primary dies. We time your primary character creation from your @register, so it's important to do that promptly. (+help @register in game.)

We all know the people who have many wonderful concepts, and create alts easily in order to access the fun stuff happening in all the factions. While this make us happy in terms of having a lot of names on the +who, we find that it leads to a bloat sort of situation when these alts take positions and are underplayed. Please consider your involvement before creating another alt.


Harassment is a waste of our time, and we don't like it at Sin City any more than staff at other MU*s. We're all supposed to be adults here; each and every player is expected to act like it. If you feel you are being genuinely harassed by a player or staff member, please send an @mail to Stardust along with a link to relevant logs, comments, etc. We generally work on a 3 strike system here at SC, for those instances we feel are harrassment. However, if the harassment goes beyond the mush we reserve the right to protect our players, and you might be asked to move along if remedial actions are not effective.

(If Stardust is harassing you, it's probably not a good sign for all of us. @mail one of the other staffers.)

Playing here is not a right. The game is free to its players and privately owned and maintained. If you break the rules or otherwise make a nuisance of yourself, expect to be invited to find somewhere else to play. Sin City staff reserves the right to remove any player deemed to be a "problem" at any time without prior warning, though we prefer to use a 3 strike system in light of the fact that sometimes people have a bad day or two.

We do believe that most of our players will never have any problems at all, but if it does come to pass, we ask that you please try to talk it out with staff. If one staffer is unhelpful, perhaps another will see things in a different way.

Bannable offenses include, but are not limited to: hacking, spamming, cheating, attention whoring, illegal use of the MUX or its host, or breach of policies outlined in these files, flaming staff for decisions, and ruining other's fun. You will be warned once, and asked to take a break. If this break does not improve one's attitude, then the break will become mandatory.

We are all here to enjoy and tell stories together. We welcome anyone who shares those goals.


This MUX does not allow depictions of sexual conduct with minors, whether in public rooms or private ones, and whether involving 'player characters' (PCs) or 'non-player characters' (NPCs). To facilitate this rule, we do not allow any characters with a true age OR apparent age younger than 18. Child NPCs (under 18) are only allowed on a limited basis with staff consent.

The adult and violent nature of this game makes having children here an area of RP that we would not like to explore.

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