How to apply for a Character

  1. Decide what you want to Play, and think of a background story.
  2. Fill out an application form.
  3. Log into the MUSH and @create your character and follow the instructions.
  4. Once you've got a good handle on your character, enter Chargen.
  5. Set your basic settings according to the on-screen instructions.
  6. Set your Attributes. These should be "defining qualities" of your character. There are examples for every character type for you to follow, so don't worry! The idea here is to figure out what makes your character tick. This is not meant to be a background, but the effects of a background on your character. For instance, a character might be "Obsessively curious" due to some past event.
  7. Set your Skills. These are things that your character can do. Maybe your character is a great shot with a rifle. Maybe your character can sing like a Nightengale. Maybe your character writes dark poetry that he only shares with online friends. Be creative! You are limited to 5 skills out of chargen.
  8. Pick your Powers (if you are a supernatural). There's a helpful list here and examples. It will display for you according to your race. You will choose them and flesh them out. Please remember that not everyone is good at everything. You are limited to 5 powers out of Chargen.
  9. Plug in your background. You will fill in the gaps of the other stuff, and since you have done all the other stuff, this should be fairly easy. We want to know who you are. If you need additional background slots, put them in &background_2, &background_3 and so on.
  10. Send in a ticket so we can approve you for play!
  11. Go IC and be Excellent to each other.

Once in chargen, please contact a Staffer if you have any questions. You'll discover that you can set your character sheet up any way you want. We encourage creativity within the boundaries of the setting — a 6 foot tall bunny will probably still be shot on sight, no matter how fluffy you are. If you want to play an eighteen-year-old high school dropout, you can. If you want to play a fifty-year-old neurosurgeon, you can. The world is your oyster.

Instead of points, we want plausibility. If you're playing an eighteen year old, why do you have a skill in Medicine? If you're playing someone who's never left suburbia, how did you get a high skill in Firearms? We will be looking at your background to justify your skills and attributes, so please make sure you have included important information.

Expect your Staffer to ask hard questions, and possibly alter yoru skills. Staff's decisions about chargen are final. We're not out to be mean tyrants, but we do want characters to be plausible and have realistic backgrounds. While there really are people who hold multiple Ph.Ds, are astronauts, test pilots and world-class musicians (Ron McNair comes to mind, as does Story Musgrave, as does the inestimable Buckaroo Banzai), we doubt we're going to be having any of them on this MUSH.

Once you and your Staffer have agreed on stats for your character, you will be approved for roleplay and allowed onto the IC grid.

Welcome to the MUSH!

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