Of Coffee And Pools
Of Coffee And Pools
Summary: West runs into Thorpe at Joe's Diner. The conversation is mostly light, and only a single blow is exchanged, with no bystanders injured. A little job speak, a few updates, and friendly banter.
Date: RL: 15 Feb 2008, IC: 25 Nov 2007
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Joe's Diner - Main Room

Greasy spoon. That's the easiest way to describe this linoleum tiled, vinyl seat upholstered place. If you've seen one of these diners, you've seen them all. The only thing that really varies in here is the color scheme, slightly, from diner to diner, state to state. Here the scheme is a creamy off white mixed with a slightly burgundy red, which upholsters all of the old fashioned bar stools and booth benches. Always brightly lit, and open 24 hours a day, Joe's Diner is a haven for those who require a good old fashioned cup of coffee, greasy hash browns, or pancakes at any hour of the day.
The wait staff dresses in '50s uniforms. The booths lining the wall look out onto the street through a large plate glass window. The seats at the counter look toward the kitchen. There are pies on the counter, cookies in the back, a register by the door, and people in here at all hours. Often, it's a hangout for off duty cops, fire fighters, and other city employees.

Thorpe is currently sitting at the far corner booth. Leaned back in the chair and slowly sipping a cup of coffee. The radio is set near the window and turned low as the Captain seems pretty content on just staring out the window watching the traffic mill by.

The door opens, and West steps inside. She walked in from the opposite side Thorpe's on, so he probably didn't see her pass the windows. She wears uncharacteristic flip flops, rather than heels. The heels went out the window when the pregnancy became obvious. Damn zygotes and their monopolization of everything! She's way off duty, wearing a pair of stretch jeans, and a way too adorable black top with a corset thread up the front, also cotton. No lace, no frills, no flower prints, thank you. She's also still wearing her gun, open and visible, in a black shoulder holster. This detracts from the whole casual look somewhat.

Thorpe eyes glance to the sound then turn back to the window. Taking a slow sip his brow furrows a moment as he looks back up to the pregnant woman. Watching her a moment he slowly lowers the cup and sets it on the table. Waiting to see just what the pregnant powderkeg will do with her trip into public to wreak havoc on the poor innocent souls of Vegas.

That's such a two dimensional view of things. Maybe being pregnant has slowed her down! West heads for the counter, and orders, "A black coffee, and a plate of fries. If a pickle comes anywhere near the plate, bad things will happen. Pumpkin pie, extra whipped cream. And a spoon, not a fork, thank you." She passes over some currency, then glances around, to take stock of how many cops are in here today. "I'll be…" Her eyes fall on Thorpe. "Over there." She points, and then turns to go that way, shoving the money back into her pocket. "Add it to his bill." Incoming!

Thorpe raises his eyebrows as he looks to the waitress and then back to West. Grinning slowly he finally passes a glance to the waitress and nods to her. Clearing his throat he calmly says, "Well I see not even while waddling you will refuse to take that gun off. Guess the first order or business for your procreation will be for him to shoot the father out of spite for you?" Motioning to the empty space in the booth he just watches her in amusement.

He had to say that, didn't he? "What did you just say?" West reaches to rest a hand on the table as she slides into the booth. The movement is only a little slower than usual, allowing for the six month belly she's got going on. "I do not waddle. Don't piss off the pregnant woman with the gun."
Thorpe grins as he shrugs, "I pissed you off before you were a pregnant woman with a gun. So why would I change up things now?" Lifting a hand he motions lazily towards the belly, "So how's all that coming? You doing ok with it?" A glance goes past her towards the rest of the diner then back out the window as he asks, "Tony still pining over you like a lost child the bigger you get?"

"Whatever, it's a person sucking all the vitamins out of my body, making me pee every five seconds, swelling various parts of my anatomy, and giving me back pain." West's casual response isn't as cavalier as usual, but she is carrying around a bowling ball. "There are two very large men following me everywhere I go. It's worse than a cop tail." Thorpe may have noticed them in a dark sedan across the street. "I feel like I'm in the mob."

Thorpe nods slowly as he just chuckles, "I am sure they will just love reporting back you are talking with me to him." Passing a glance over to the waitress as he looks over at the table then back to her items trying to make sure she got everything he leans back in the chair and calmly asks, "So you ever figure who the lucky winner is? Or saving that prize until the final day?" Reaching over he pulls out a napkin from the holder and sets it down in front of him. Reaching down towards his jacket he rummages a moment before pulling out a pen, he sets it on the napkin as he adds, "So you still staying above that stupid fucking nightclub?"

"They have been following me for months," West replies, with a little smirk. "They know I come to see you now and then. You are my boss." She raises her brows slightly, before smiling. "The only thing that matters to me is that the baby is healthy. Yes." She tips her head. "I am still in Paradise. The Nightclub has excellent security, and huge windows. Natural light."

Thorpe nods, "Still a stupid fucking club." Glancing up as the waitress starts sliding the smattering of request in front of West. Thorpe looks over the items and just shakes his head slowly. Leaning forward slightly as the waitress leaves he picks up his coffee and slowly sips it's contents before setting the mug back down. Reaching over he motions toward her tattoo'd wrist, "Where did you get that done at? I know it was a recent thing.."

West's eyes follow the pen as Thorpe sets it down, though she reaches for a fry, which flashes her tattoo. She glances down at her wrist, as if to see what he's talking about. "… Pistol Whip." She gestures with the fry before biting it in half, "Down the way. Guy who runs it ain't half bad, but he's got a few things to learn about decor."

Thorpe nods slowly as he eyes the tattoo a moment then looks up to her, "Doesn't sound familiar. Must be a new place." Looking down to the belly finally he idly asks, "I know you will tell whomever it when it's time, but.." His eyes slide up to her, "If you need to get some space with it all, I do still have some friends I can call on."

West's attention comes away from the table as Thorpe makes his offer. She glances up, and there's just the faintest pause in chewing as she thinks about what he's just said. A beat later, she pops the rest of the fry into her mouth. "Good to know." Her right hand drops to slide over her belly. Not her gun hand, mind you. That's the one reaching for the fries again. "Thinking of getting a tattoo?"

Thorpe shakes his head slowly, "Got some reports from the wires in Socal that they have a suspect still on the loose. They think he headed this way or down south. Seems whomever it was beat some drug trafficker to death." Shrugging he slowly closes his eyes then reopens them with a sigh, "I am sure whoever would do something that stupid would get their ass in Mexico and not come to Vegas of all places."

West regards Thorpe for a moment before she asks, "What does that have to do with my tattoo, Captain?"

Thorpe smiles slowly and shrugs, "Nothing, but I figured you would find the shittiest character that did the best work in town and he would be a good place to start checking around on things." Looking up to her he just smirks, "Either that or you just thought he was cute and probably let him play grab-ass for a discount." Picking up his pen he idly taps it on the napkin as he continues, "I figured take this slight downtime with all of our little friends trying to refind themselves to nose around at a few places. Needed a place to start."

West grins. "I paid him." The way she says that suggests the ass grab took place before or after the tattooing, and in no relation to it. "He does good work. If you're gonna bust 'im, give me a head start. I want some work done before you dig up any criminal past."

Thorpe chuckles, "I am sure you do.." The pen continues to idly tap a few more moments before he sets it back down, "Not really going to try to hard. The cops that came up didn't have a good vibe to them. I think they were hunting whoever it was for more than justice." Glancing out the window he tilts his head towards the sedan then looks back to her, "Those your stalkers?"

"Dark hair, dark shades, tattoos, looks like they got bounced off the set of a bounty hunting movie?" West nods, and eats another fry, before she grunts and pushes the full plate away. She doesn't even look at the pie. The pie just sits there. West takes the coffee, leaves it black, and sips. "I could be persuaded to… suss him out. Who expects a pregnant chick with alterior motives?"

Thorpe nods slowly, "See what you can find out. I don't need some bought off fuckin' cops coming in my city thinking they can start picking up whoever they want for a pricetag." Picking up his coffee he slowly tilts the mug up and drains the contents. Slowly setting it back down he slides it towards her pile of neglected food. Picking the pen up he writes on the napkin. THen slides the napkin towards her, it simply reads a series of four numbers looking up to her he flatly states, "Guest code to get in my apartment. Should you need it. Recently changed it."

"Did you just digital key me?" West glances down at the napkin, reads the numbers over, and then shoves the napkin back. "Got it." She brow-arches, then moves to slide out of the booth. "You better get some decent coffee and some of that cheap rocky road ice cream. I can't concentrate without caffeine and sugar, and that shit's about the only thing I can eat." Witness the pie and abandoned fries, courtesy of Thorpe's paycheck. Or the city. Business lunch? She has to take a moment to rise, going belly first. Make a comment. Dare you.

Thorpe watches her and just smirks, "Well at least if get bent over something now you don't need a pillow under you to get your ass a little higher." Winking to her he pulls the napkin up and crumples it into his hand. Leaning he digs into his pocket and lays down a sufficient single bill to cover all the needed expenses. Grabbing his coat he begins to slowly slide out of the booth as well he just adds, "You always knew you could come in there if you needed. You just got to fucking good to actually ask for it."

"Jesus, Thorpe." West takes one step closer and socks him in the shoulder at full strength. Luckily for him, the angle is awkward, and it'll probably only bruise a little. "I'm fuckin' pregnant here. Show some respect." A few eyes turn their way, but mostly only everyone in the room who has never see West interact with anyone.

Thorpe pulls back at the impending punch and grunts at the beady little knuckles finding all those sweet spots of pain to just be annoying. Looking to her he just smiles, "Gah.. I can't even make bad jokes with you even more. Fuckin' christ your hormones are not fun." Glancing to the waitress he just smiles to her as the waitress shakes her head, obviously one of those actually familiar with the regulars. Just to add some fuel he remarks, "Oh yea, Gonzo said hello and he has twenty on the pool of you shooting a doctor during delivery."

West shoots Thorpe a look, but she doesn't shoot him. At least not yet. "Gonzo better stop talkin' or thinkin' about anything that has anything to do with my girl parts." The brunette turns to the door, walking with Thorpe, as if she didn't just punch him in the arm. "What'd you take in the pool?"

Thorpe chuckles and shakes his head, "Oh no.. I am not jinxing that bet. I already got a sure thing with it coming out bald." Winking to her he pushes the door open for her, see he can be a gentleman. As they head out he adds as he adds once they get out of the Diner's many ears, "I'm taking forty that you will come close to beating the one who thinks he is the dad." Putting his hand on her shoulder he gives it a squeeze and comments, "Stay safe. Even with the stalkers the department has no problems on you taking all the necessary downtime you need. Even prior to the birth."

"I'll be fine until I'm not, then I'll be fine in another town for a while," West replies, not sounding particularly worried about. "Call me if any interesting cases come up. I'm bored as fuck riding a desk and doing paperwork from home when I take long weekends."

Thorpe nods slowly, "As you always are. I'll keep you in the loop as always. Come by one night and will show you some open case files we are working on. Give you something to do until you decide to get that thing out." Slipping his hand into his pocket he pulls out his keys and starts to head towards his unmarked car, "You are more than welcome to get in for a ride if you want. It's always fun to fuck with people really interested in going where you are going." Smiling to her he passes another glance to the dark sedan that just started it's engine.

West smirks slightly, shaking her head as the engine across the way rolls over. Her eyes remain on the guys across the way for a moment, before she considers, and then says, "You can buy me a shake and tell me all about those shifty cops, then drop me back at 'the fucking club'. The locals always enjoy a visit from Vegas' finest."

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