Gender Male
Date of Birth July 9
Age 29
Position Coder Monkey
Staff Duties Jackass of All Trades
Play Times Whenever I feel like it
Timezone Arizona

"Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light."
- John Milton; Paradise Lost, BOOK II

A recent addition to the staff, Nova comes from a long history of MU*s. He started playing in 1994 at Shadowrun: Seattle, it soon escalated from there. Starting his staffing history as a builder for Realm of Dreams, Nova soon started teaching himself how to code by studying and reverse engineering the existing code to do what he needs it to. He's built, coded and opened a game alone, but had to close it due to problems in real life. He spent 4 years in the Navy and is planning on joining the Air Force in October. He's currently working on a secret side project as well as his coding job here on Sin City. He also dabbles in working on Wikidot to create wiki's for his games.

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