When you RP with someone, and you think they're doing something particularly well, please don't forget to +nom them.

We think that nominations are a great way to say thank you to your fellow players for their time, energy, and creativity. We have a 20 character minimum on +noms. Each +nom requires a reason for the nomination. We suggest you choose a particularly good pose and paste that in, along with some comment, perhaps, on why you enjoyed the pose or RP.

+nom <name>=<reason>

When you +nom someone, Staff files this away in our collective consciousness and will remember this person for later Good Things. Who knows what these Good Things are, but it is always nice to have something in your favor, plus it's a nice way of giving back for good story.

You have 12 noms to give per week, and you can only +nom the same person once every 3 noms.

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