Vampire Families

Sin City Mux’s vampire families are based on the Seven Deadly Sins. This list is a work in progress, and people who choose to take vampire characters will be instrumental in helping to flesh out this exciting new area.


Lust vampires have a natural ability to attract people with their innate sexual charisma. Their special talents include invoking arousal within their prey, making a perhaps more compliant or more distracted person. It is said that they thrive and can feed in the presence of sexually charged situations, such as Strip Clubs and Singles Bars though they are not unknown in normal trades. Most common of vampire bloodlines, Lust vampires are generally the type of vampire most tourists think of when they come to Vegas. They are the most beautiful of vampires, and even common features are said to glow when worn by Lust vampires. These are charismatic monsters, outfitted with the smooth gift of sexual persuasion. They are also endowed with the gift of style, having an innate knowledge of color and form that seems to supercede fashion.


Wrath vampires are some of the most dangerous. They thrive in environments where violence is high, and often seek these trades. Most of these vampires find their origins in wartime environments, as Wrath vampires tend to gravitate to where violence is highest. These vampires are natural fighters, and have an innate ability to show true talent with weaponry. Able to invoke violence in others, they exceed as showmen in Backstage pit fights and Ultimate-type fights. They also can do very well as bouncers and preternatural security. These vampires also thrive on competitive events, and do very well as dealers in the gambling establishments of Vegas.


A natural for Vegas, Greed vampires have a penchant for money and have been in Vegas from almost the beginning. Wherever greed finds an outlet, Greed vampires are found in abundance. Not as beautiful as the Lust vampires, they have a gift of silver-tongued persuasion, and it is rumored that they can talk the stripes off a cat. These vampires maintain a sizable cache, which only grows over the years and is said to be their largest weakness. Fond of luxury, they establish and maintain collections of various kinds, and are only too eager to add to their collection sometimes at risk to their own safety. They will find little inhibition in obtaining a precious object and guard it with paranoid devotion. Greed vampires are natural salesmen despite their covetous nature. Greed vampires, for their gift of persuasion, also make excellent emissaries. They thrive in environments where money is exchanged, making them ideally suited for Vegas.


Sloth vampires are often called “slavers” in slang, for they excel at the impression and harness of human minds. Blind devotion follows these vampires as they become the type that people want to serve, whether the vampire is a despicable example of his kind or not. Feeding is rarely a problem for these monsters. Some have theorized that these vampires evoke an animistic response in people, making them need to care for the vampires. These vampires excel as business owners and managers of large amounts of people as they evoke a desire to serve. These vampires also hold a natural ability to lure people to themselves, and make the most potent of all the vampire families in the "Infatuate" ability. Even relatively young Sloth vampires are said to be able to call beasts. Some boast that they keep herds of shifters as their private reserves, and private arsenal.


Pride vampires have the ability to force change based on pure will alone. Their belief in ideals or situations can become so strong that the universe warps to suit them, at least in small ways. The most uncommon of all varieties, Pride vampires are often sought as fortune tellers and mystics, as they are useful in manipulating events. Manipulation requires an incredible amount of blood-energy, and can often tax a community, so they are used in time of great need. They can and do change opinions, making them valuable tools for any Baron looking to have an edge on human negotiations… but not always. Along with their certainty, their failures are incredibly devastating to the vampire, requiring a sabbatical of several weeks to recover their energy. Pride is the only vampire family that can enter sanctified ground, and religious articles have no effect on them, because they simply believe themselves invulnerable.


Envy vampires are constantly changing. Having the ability to change their features subtly, these vampires make an excellent covert resource. The change cannot make male to female, or tall to short, but can subtly disguise the features. It is said that these vampires have an innate ability to control shadows, and sheath themselves in darkness, making them both effective weapons and competent killers. It truth, all of their ability comes from the innate talent to manipulate light and perception in their immediate vicinity. Modern Envy vampires find work as detectives, spies and in the entertainment industry where light and appearance are all-important. These vampires thrive in environments of fear and uncertainty.


Gluttony vampires live by the credo than enough is never enough. These vampires are the capable of incredible intake of blood, and by the same coin they are also able to endure the longest between feeds, making them the most capable of all the families at appearing human. These vampires exist as seemingly normal members of society, often holding professional jobs in the medical arts and are thought of as the most adaptable of varieties. These vampires can endure incredible hardships due to their extraordinary nature, including extremes of punishment and strain. These vampires often make excellent warriors due to this ability as well. They can also be used as resevoirs for other vampires, making them very valuable in a Court. Gluttony vampires can cause a feeling of longing in subjects, though the subject may not know the target of their craving.

Other useful Information…

Vampires are made via 3 nightly bites on 3 consecutive nights, with the 3rd bite being a "draining" or killing bite. The victim is then functionally dead for three days, and preferably buried, whereupon they rise with a ravenous hunger. The first feed will need to be the blood of their creator, or the neophyte will die a true death. The new vampire inherits the maker's family type, and is irrevokably beholden to their maker's influence for a period of time that lessens over the years. Presumably, this is due to the link between the master's life force being transferred to the fledgeling and to keep the new vampire under the protective control of the maker's more advanced powers. The right to make a new vampire is something granted to a privileged few. New vampires are considered more volatile and more dangerous, and they require a training period to understand and cope with their transition. Shifters and some magical beings cannot be turned.

It is not unheard of for a single family type to populate a community, such as a town with 75% Lust vampires, however there is a general ideal that a Balanced House would contain as many of the 7 families as possible, as each possesses a variety of talents and skills.

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