General Character Information
Name: Michael Driscol Alice
Birth Place: Junction City, Nevada
Birth Date: December 25, 1970
Apparent Age: Early 40's
Height: 6'1
Weight: 172lbs
Hair: Mostly black
Eyes: Blue/Brown
Occupation: Private Investigator

Other Information

Michael runs an agency known as Brighter Horizons, a one-man private investigations service that specializes in finding missing children and women. He's earned a reputation for himself in being one of the few (mortal) private investigators that won't shy away from cases that involve the preternatural, a decision that has given him more experience and a deeper insight into those often elusive communities.


Theme Song(s):
The Worst Day Since Yesterday - Flogging Molly
Mad World - Gary Jules
Those Dancing Days Are Gone - Carla Bruni
Best I Ever Had - Gary Allan

Theme Songs for Others:

Danielle Lemay a.k.a. Ruby: Poison - Tarja Turunen

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