Martini - Sin City Staff
Appletini as Martini
Name: Martini
Alias: 'Tini, She Who Brings Death
Age: 29
Hair & Eyes: Green! Mmm. Appletini.
DOB: 20 Jan 1979
Faction: Staff
Position: Apps, Plot & Supernatural Foo
Employment: Sin City MUX
Play Times: Varied, usually Evenings
Timezone: GMT-5 (Eastern)

Martini is text based RPer from way back. She has sojourned through the wending pathways of many mu*s varying in theme from superhero to horror to the one time she joined a game based on Mekton. That was a fluke, don't ask. She prefers fast paced scenes, and enjoys running plots and mini-scenes for players possessed of a certain quality of humor. That is to say the funny ones are more likely to live.

Her scenes generally follow these basic rules:

  • Please, no more than five to a scene. 3 minute pose time is enforced when scenes get too big. Page scrolling poses are for social scenes, not combat!
  • Page ahead of time to state intention, and she will help you determine roll + difficulty. The purpose of this is so she knows what is going on a couple poses ahead, and can work on her poses while advising others as they work on theirs. This helps keep the rate of posing peppy.
  • If the scene ends up going for more than 2 hours, people are going to be ICly grievously injured.
  • If it goes to four hours, someone is really likely to die IC.
  • People who hold up scenes in the middle to argue with Staff decisions and muck up everyone else's time and flow get ejected OOCly, and dealt with iCly in the most IC relevant way possible. Yes, that could be death. So no, you shouldn't throw a fit. Go with it, man. Go with it.
  • If you enter into a scene, and then you need to leave, for whatever reason, your character is left in Staff hands. You could come back to be unconscious, injured, or dead, depending on how it goes, and what your buddies do. Be aware. We will do our best not to kill you while you're not connected. That's not really fun for anybody.
  • If you have questions, ask! Don't hesitate to ask. Confusion only leads to hesitation, and nobody wants that! Don't be scared, 'tini doesn't bite. Often.

Parties on 'tini's Dime

  • 17 March 2008 (IC: Dec 19 2007): Investigation into the homicide of Johnny Pratt kidnapping of Lucien Pratt (NPCs). Jules and Chandler go-a-spelunking for information, and Sammy Nova is introduced.

Some Scenes of Note from SC1

  • 2007.07.13 : Woodlawn Ghouls : An investigation into a rash of strangeness in town, and a dismemberment death, leads a few curious folk, along with the Rat King, and a nosy reporter, to the gates of Woodlawn Cemetery.
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