Peter Sarsgaard
Peter Sarsgaard as Lucas
Name: Lucas
Alias: N/A
Age: 24
Hair & Eyes: Red Hair / Green Eyes
DOB: April 13, 1984
Faction: Civilian
Position: Tattoo Artist / Owner
Employment: Owner Pistol Whip Inks
Play Times: Evening, Weekends
Timezone: GMT-5 (US Eastern)


Lucas recently showed up in Las Vegas without very little mention to his previous home. Taking the time necessary to get proper permits and licenses Lucas opened Pistol Whip Inks as his own Tattoo Parlor. Always seen on his Harley while around town, Lucas is also commonly seen in the Kit Kat Klub and other bars trying to drum up more business for himself. Not much is really known about Lucas since he stays fairly dodgy on his past.

It is also rumoured that he is capable of tattooing shifters successfully and it be permanent!


Standing around 6'4 Lucas looks extremely reminiscent of the bikers from years past, just with the modern flair of tattoo's. Lots of them. A large blue bandana wraps around his head pulled down to just the top of his eyebrows, tightly pulled around and confining the long flow of red hair falling along his back. The hair stops just past his shoulder blades. Green eyes keep a very intense and almost angered look from his eyebrows being pushed down slightly from the bandana. Large metal rings spread his earlobes wide enough to easily fit a man's finger through the hole with plenty of room to spare. A simple goatee covers his chin, but his upper lip and cheeks remain clear of any hair or tattoo's.

Tattoo's cover nearly every portion of the exposed skin on Lucas body outside his face. The tattoo's all seem to mesh into one large expansive design that wraps up along to cover his neck, arms, chest and other places not entirely visible. A large thick bull-ring sits between his nostrils as one of the only adjustments to his face. Wearing a gray tank-top shirt underneath a leather vest that remains unbuttoned. Well worn jeans show signs of being well worn with small holes forming in all the normal places. The frayed edges of the jeans fall along dust covered and over-used steel toed biker boots.


None at the time!

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