Lola Book
Emily Proctor
Emily Proctor as Lola Book
Name: Lola Book
Alias: Dolores Booker
Age: 26
Hair & Eyes: Blonde, Blue
DOB: ?? (Aquarius)
Faction: Unknown
Position: Bartender, Ms. Fix It
Employment: The Lonestar Saloon
Play Times: Varied
Timezone: Eastern

Lola was born Dolores Booker in Alexandria, Kentucky. She was an only child, at least that's what she tells everyone (if she ever mentions her past at all, which isn't often). The truth of the matter is that she had a sister, a fraternal twin sister. Her sister lived to the age of seventeen, before meeting God in a most unfortunate way. Lola doesn't like to talk about her past. She's very forward thinking. Let us say simply that if she were ever alone in a room with a certain restrained werewolf and she had anything of silver on her possession, the puppy would learn what the true face of a Very Bad Day looks like.

She changed her name when she graduated from high school, and forever left that sad little identity behind her.

Lola has since moved around, making a niche for herself in small towns all over the South. A swath of killing followed her, though no murders of furry citizens have been linked to her. Lola doesn't have tells like other girls who lie, and she's very good at flying under the radar.

All in all, she has the appearance and lifestyle of a fairly well adjusted, if slightly hick-tastic nine month resident of Las Vegas, Nevada.

A few times, when she first moved to Vegas, and actually did a brief stint as a college student, a couple of closeted shifters went missing from the University campus. Though no one on the student body or faculty was found responsible, Lola knew all of the victims. No suspicion was cast her way, but…

Sometime in June, a ring of underground preternatural death matches was discovered, apparently funded and arranged by a rogue group of Humans First operatives. Lola was suspected to be involved, but police could find no hard evidence to link her to any of the crimes. According to Lola's statement, she was threatened into silence, and shot for her trouble.

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