Lillyana Starr

"I don't give a damn about my bad reputation."
— Joan Jett, 'My Bad Reputation'

Lillyana Starr
Skylar Grey
Skylar Grey as Lillyana Marie Starr
Name: Lillyana Marie Starr
Alias: Lilly, Lils, Lil
Age: 57 years old
Hair & Eyes: Black Hair & Hazel Eyes
DOB: May 23rd, 1953
Faction: Vampires
Position: CEO of the Cosmopolitan Casino
Employment: Owner
Play Times: Anytime I'm Online
Timezone: Arizona


Lillyana stands five foot, nine inches tall and looks to be in her late twenties. She has dark black hair, shoulder length, which has a dark blue tint under the light, and her bangs frame her angular face. She has a lean and athletic build. Her eyes are hazel in color and stare out with a hint of mischief and hidden wisdom. Above her eyes are two thin and narrow eyebrows. She has a fairly short and narrow nose, a mouth that is well shaped and can look very mean or extremely generous, but always looks sensual. When she talks, a silver tongue ring can be seen. She has quarter inch fingernails that are painted black.

She is dressed in a tight black fishnet shirt with long sleeves. Under the fishnet shirt is a black spaghetti strap shirt that fits tight against her body, showing off her form. On front of the shirt is a picture of a black cat that has a mouse head in its mouth with the words ‘One Mean Pussy’ written above it. She is also wearing a pair of baggy black pants with red stitching that have dozens of silver zippers places all over them and ends at her mid-calf. They are held up by a neon pink belt that has several silver skulls all over it. On her feet are a pair of white ankle socks and black sneakers that have neon pink shoe laces. A silver chain is hooked to one of her front belt loops and disappears into her back pocket.

On her wrists are a matching set of black leather bracelets that have a two rows of half inch spikes. Her fingers have three or four rings on each of them of various shapes and sizes. She has a fuzzy hot pink choker that have a single row of silver spikes and a small silver ankh that hangs from the front of the choker. She has a tattoo of an infinity symbol on her right forearm and R.I.P. on her left. On her right middle finger is a tattoo of a smiley face.



Welcome! Welcome. Please, sit. Sit. How was the flight? And the ride in? That’s great to hear. Yes, my assistant told me everything for the interview. We can do it over here or out on the balcony if you’d prefer. Sure, there should be enough lighting out there. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do this when the sun is up. I prefer to not blow up before my casino does. Right here is fine. I’m Lillyana, but you can call me Lilly if you’d prefer. Nice to meet you, Ryan. Aren’t you just yummy? Is it just you or… oh, okay. That’s fine if it’s you. So, from what I understand the magazine just wants me to talk about me and my past right? How I got to this point and about ready to open the casino then. Sounds simple enough. Sure, take all the time you need. Get setup and I’ll begin when you’re ready. Would you care for something to drink? Okay, I guess I’ll start then.

I was born in New York City on May 23rd, 1953 to Evelyn and Walter Moretti. That’s right, Moretti. I was born Danielle Elizabeth Moretti. I know, it’s a shocker. I was the only child to my parents, but that was fine with me. My father worked hard at an electronics shop in Jersey and my mother stayed at home. It was the fifties, so the women mostly just stayed at home and took care of the children or worked as secretaries. My mother seemed to enjoy taking care of me while my father worked. I did well in school and had a small group of friends that I was very close with.

Sorry, no traumatic childhood. My parents weren’t alcoholic or abusive. They were very caring and loving to me and each other. Most of my childhood was uneventful. I attended private school with the same kids that I did in grade school. There was all the lifetime milestones that everyone has in their lives as they grow up. Your first word, taking your first steps, having your first kiss, getting your driver’s license, losing your virginity, and a whole plethora of other examples. There were all there in my life just the same as everyone else.

Upon graduation I had been accepted to NYU with a major in Journalism, oddly enough, in the Fall of 1971. I left my family home for the first time and ventured out into the wide open world. My friends attended the college with me, though most of us had different majors. Yes, I was a sorority girl. I pledged with the Zeta Sigma Phi sorority. I learned a lot during my first year of college, some things that weren’t on the curriculum. Along with the small group of childhood friends that I had with me, I had also made some new friends and sisters. Rush was a bit of a bonding experience for some of us girls. That first summer we drive down to Palm Beach, Florida and stayed there for the entire summer. That was the first, and only, time that we did that. There’s a reason why people who live together make sure there is time spent apart. I have never wanted to kill someone so much in my life at that point in time.

About the time that the World Trade Center opened, I had decided to change my major to Business after deciding that I wanted to take after my father’s business when he passes away. Over the next six years, I seemed to grow into a new woman and come out into my own. I even spent some of my weekends away in Atlantic City to gamble away when it became legalized in 1976. I earned my Master’s Degree in the Summer of 1977 after six years. My friends and I split ways and I have never seen nor heard from them after that though I often sometimes wonder what had become of them.

After college, I went to work with my father at his shop as the night manager so he and my mother could have more time together without taking a hit by closing the store early. Despite working with my father, at least I was living in my own place. After a few months the store started to pick up business and just when everything was looking up, my father passed away after a heart attack. My mother was devastated, but she was strong and she started helping at the store to help keep her busy. It seemed to help, but it still wasn’t the same. My father had left a hole that just could never be filled. Life continued as it tends to do and four years later, my life would be changed forever.

I was closing up shop for my mother only two weeks after my twenty-eighth birthday. I had finished locking up the store and was on my way to my car when I was attacked from behind and dragged into a dark alley. I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder and then I was knocked unconscious. When I awoke, I was in an empty room save for the bed that I was chained to and there was a pain separate from the one in my shoulder. This one came from two puncture wounds in my left forearm. Yes, I was captured by a vampire. Shortly after I had awoken, a man came into the room and introduced himself simply as Puck. He explained to me what he was and that he had bitten me twice already. Once more and I would be as he was in three days’ time, but the choice would be mine. If I refused, I would be released.

Scared and reeling from what this man thought, I agreed to what he said in an attempt to survive. At that time, I seriously thought he was going to kill me if I refused. Why would he let me go after I had seen his face? Little did I know what was to happen. The next time I awoke, I was trapped in a dark and confined space. I soon realized I was underground and had been buried alive. Panic set in and I tried to claw my way out of there. After what seemed like an eternity, I made it to the surface. Puck was there waiting for me. With a hand extended, he explained to me what happened and what I had become. We left New York for Seattle to begin my training.

Time seems to move differently when you’re immortal. Years move like months, days like minutes. Everything both seems to speed up and slow down. This is, of course, metaphorically speaking. The next five years flew by as Puck taught me everything that I would need to know in order to survive. This was before vampires were in the open. We still had to hide what it is we are back in those days and we had to learn a lot more in order to survive. It takes longer for a vampire to learn survival techniques compared to today. The ones made after don’t have to learn to hide who we are and survive without revealing themselves. They’re spoiled.

The life I had with Puck was better than that I had as a mortal. Puck had enough capital that we never had to worry about money. We just played the parts. He was a wealthy European actor and I was his niece whom had become orphaned. Our relationship was akin to that of a father and daughter which in a way, he was my new father. I enjoyed the life I had until I had received word of my mother’s death. With my disappearance having gone on for this long, I was assumed dead and my poor mother couldn’t handle it. Losing both her husband and then her only child goes missing, she just couldn’t take it. They found her in the closet. After that, we decided to leave Seattle and moved to Los Angeles, taking up new identities. He was a successful business man and I was his sister. It didn’t take long for him to get to work and involved in the politics of the city.

Puck, using third parties, used his finances to invest in the city and helped the city of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas grow into what it became today. We lived happily for many years, using others to handle our business as we stayed in the shadows. I had even procured my father’s store among our investments. This lasted until the existence of vampires became public knowledge. We were ousted somehow by someone who knew of what we were. With the fear that ran rampant with the mortals, Puck was killed by a group who managed to overwhelm him with their numbers. They strung him up and left him for the sun. Fearing they’d find our refuge, I fled the city and found the closest safe haven that I could find. I quickly got to work transferring Puck’s assets to a new identity, taking the name of Lillyana Marie Starr, a business woman from Los Angeles. I ended up in Las Vegas where I worked in the various casinos where I’d try to stay out of the spotlight.

I laid low in the casinos, learning the ropes and the tricks of the trade. I soon started making plans for a casino of my own. The Cosmopolitan. As cautiously as I could, I managed to get the wheels in motion to get the project underway. As I was trying to get things in motion, more vampires and other preternaturals starting coming out, humans started to become more understanding and accepting. This made my project become a lot easier to get up and running. I even managed to get directly involved becoming CEO. I went public with what I was during the press conference and was met with very little negativity, much to my relief.

Building of the casino began in the Spring of 2009 and is nearing completion. I am starting the hiring process for future employees of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and planning the opening gala that is sure to be an amazing event. We also have our nightclub, The Marquee, opening on New Year’s Eve for the big celebration. Both events are going to be open to the public, but tickets will be on sale. Prices will be decided upon later.

So, that’s it. That’s the story of my life. I hope that you have everything that you need for the article. You know Ryan, if you don’t have anywhere specific to be right at this moment, why don’t you stay? I’ll have Kaylee prepare something… yummy… for dinner. Excellent, I promise this will be a night you won’t remember…

Little Black Book

Image Character Name Relationship Thoughts
N/A *Kaylee Winters Assistant What would I do without Kaylee? She keeps me sane and on schedule. I would be completely lost without her. She's a doll.

* This NPC is open for application.

RP Log

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These are the various IC publicity that Lillyana or the Cosmopolitan have gained. The information in these articles are considered IC knowledge if your character would have seen these articles.


  • “It was a sweet day when I realized legal and illegal had nothing to do with right and wrong.”
  • “He who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life.”
  • “Of all the days to change the world forever, why the hell did God have to pick a fucking Monday?”
  • “You know for being fifty-seven I look damn good, don’t you think?”
  • “There is no way you can have four aces when I'm palming the fourth ace. You're cheating and you're fired. Get him out of my sight.”
  • “Why do things for yourself when you can get someone else to do them for you?”
  • “It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.”


  • Lilly graduated from NYU with a Master’s Degree in Business.
  • Lilly is an alumni of the Zeta Sigma Phi sorority.
  • Lilly is severely claustrophobic and always takes the stairs which she claims is what keeps her figure.
  • Lilly is almost never seen in public without her assistant, Kaylee Winters.
  • Lilly has 7 tattoos including an infinity symbol on her right forearm, a stick figure angel on her left shoulder blade and a stick figure devil on her right shoulder blade.
  • Lilly is a fan of Weird Al and Johnny Cash.
  • Lilly is open about her Vampirism, having done an interview with the Times.


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Viva Las Vegas Dead Kennedy's Las Vegas Oh that blackjack and poker and the roulette wheel I'll poach your money lost on every deal All you need is sonar and nerves of steel
Dance Commander* Electric Six Family You must obey the dance commander Givin' out the order for fun You must obey the dance commander You know that he's the only one Who gives the orders here, Alright
Brain Stew Green Day Life My mind is set on overdrive The clock is laughing in my face A crooked spine My sense's dulled Passed the point of delirium On my own… here we go
Pursuit of Happiness Lissie Life Goals I’m on the pursuit of happiness. I know everything that shines ain’t always gold I’ll be fine once I get it, I’ll be good
Keasbey Nights Streetlight Manifesto Personality When they come for me, I'll be sitting at my desk With a gun in my hand, wearing a bulletproof vest singing "My, my, my, how the time does fly, when you know you're going to die By the end of the night." I said hey
Politically Incorrect Sadgasm Relationships Kingdom of numb Closet of hurt Feelings are dumb Kisses are dirt
Super Heroes RHPS Cast Vampirism And super heroes Come to feast To taste the flesh Not yet deceased And all I know Is still the beast is Feeding And crawling on the planet's face Some insects called the human race
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