Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie as Katrina Williams
Name: Katrina Williams
Alias: Kat
Age: 31
Hair & Eyes: Brunette with pale green eyes
DOB: April 25, 1976
Faction: Independent Shifter
Position: None known
Employment: None publically known
Play Times: Entirely too often.
Timezone: EST

Kat is a newcomer to Vegas, arriving in November 2007. She has no problems letting it be known that she came from Atlanta by way of Chicago and Portland, having lived in all three cities for quite some time. What she doesn't share is that she is the owner/operator of an underground club called, get this, Underground, which is a club for shifters, where they can party without fear of exposing themselves or hurting humans. And some checking with the right people could turn up information that she owns similar clubs in both Portland and Chicago, and she's made a bit of a name for herself doing so.

It seems that one she gets in town and gets her club ready, she starts spreading the word verbally, to shifters alone, in an effort to keep it secret from the cops and other humans. Paranoia thy name is Kat.

When it comes to the human world, she seems like a typical party girl, fun-loving, slightly offbeat, and with a tendency to flirt with anyone, though it doesn't seem as though it always means anything. But to those who don't know about her club, it doesn't seem as though she does anything BUT party.

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