Kathryn Emerson

Femme fa·tale/ˌfem fəˈtal/: Noun: An attractive and seductive woman, esp. one who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her.

Age: 25
Hometown: London, England
Features: Auburn/red hair, Green eyes
DOB: May 4th
Faction: Civilian (Media)
Position: Crime Reporter
Employment: Las Vegas Sun
Theme Song: Emilie Autumn - Thank God I'm Pretty

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Kathryn's Home in Winchester. Photos courtesy of recent shoot.


Crime Reporting

Every day, we read and hear news accounts about crime that has occurred locally, statewide, nationally, or around the world. The journalists who are responsible for covering crime beats (or police beats) are called Crime Reporters. Their reports range from the routine to the most lurid. They write about vandalism, burglaries, theft, robberies, larceny, fraud, kidnapping, sexual assaults, murders, terrorism, and other incidents. They report about missing persons, traffic accidents, airplane collisions, fires, natural disasters, and other types of casualties and tragedies. In addition, these journalists write features, analyses, or investigatory reports about crime trends, crime prevention strategies, policing, forensic science, the criminal court system, the legal process, and criminal justice issues (such as juvenile justice, organized crime, corrections, the death penalty, and crime victims).

Crime Reporters have a hectic and difficult job. They work in offices, but a large amount of their time is spent in the field, where they cover stories or conduct research for stories. Additionally, reporters investigate leads for potential stories. Furthermore, Crime Reporters conduct research for background information for their stories. They talk with subject-matter experts to gain an understanding of difficult facts and issues. For example, a Crime Reporter might talk with forensic anthropologists or forensic dentists to learn how unknown remains can be identified. These journalists also look up facts and figures at courthouses, public offices, and libraries, as well as on electronic databases and the Internet.

Part of a Crime Reporter’s job is to develop dependable sources within law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorneys’ offices, the coroners’ (or medical examiners’) offices, crime labs, courts, and other organizations. They contact their sources on a regular basis to learn about breaking news as well as to get ideas for potential stories.


Gerard: Detective Sergeant, SAD
Cobra Verde - Play With Fire
Faelan: Vampire
Little Big Town - Bones
Gwen: Vampire
Why Don't You Do Right
Adrian: Vampire
Alanis Morissette - Uninvited
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