Detective Juliet "Jules" MacArthur
Alicia Witt
Alicia Witt as Juliet MacArthur
Name: Juliet MacArthur
Alias: Jules
Age: 27
Hair & Eyes: Red hair, green eyes
DOB: July 12th
Faction: LVMPD
Position: Homicide Detective
Employment: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Play Times: Late nights EST
Timezone: EST

General History

Juliet Morgan MacArthur was born on a somewhat stormy night to Peter MacArthur and his lovely wife Morgan. Morgan was a small time actress from Scotland who broke into the film scene just long enough to move to Los Angeles just after she turned 20. The United States film market proved a bit too much for her, though, and she ended up dancing in Las Vegas to keep herself fed and in work. At that time, there weren't too many pubs in Las Vegas and only one of them was true to blood Scottish. It also happened to be a fairly popular cop hang out. That's where she met Peter and it was practically love at first sight. Peter MacArthur was a beat cop with the LVPD and rather content in his job. Meeting Morgan just was the icing on his cake. They were married within a year and soon started their family. Peter never made much because he never really pushed to move up through the ranks. He was content being a midlevel cop and staying close to his family. Over all, the MacArthur clan of Las Vegas were a happy bunch.

Of her childhood, Jules had a mostly happy one. The biggest scare of being a kid was her first experience with strawberries. It wasn't exactly a traditional family dish, and Jules had certainly eaten stranger Scottish things and not died, but when the family went on vacation and took a tour of a strawberry patch, the clan realized that their poor daughter was rather dangerously allergic. Fortunately, they were at a public resort, an epi pen was in the office and paramedics were quick to respond, but had they been off in the wilderness, Jules might not have made it to her 7th birthday. It didn't really deter the little spitfire of a child and she was back to running around like a wild child in no time. If anything, Juliet was a little TOO active for her laid back, easy going parents. At least they were strong enough role models to help Juliet put most of that energy to schooling and studies. It meant she was a bright student and easily hovered at the top of her class.

Strawberry allergies weren't the only odd part of her childhood, but the second issue for Juliet wasn't one her parents were so easily able to handle. Juliet was different. Not just her boundless energy or true devotion to her parent's heritage. Juliet seemed to have as much of a love for life as she did for death. It started when she was eight, Morgan and Peter found their daughter cradling a dead dog on the small playground just outside their apartment complex. The dog was their neighbors and it had been hit by a car a few days ago. They'd all attended the somber funeral service in the grassy patch behind the apartment building and seen the dog buried, but here it was in their daughters arms. It still looked dead and decayed but Juliet insisted it's tail was wagging. The couple silently took the dog from their daughter and reburied it, promising to get her help soon.

The golden retriever wasn't the only time Juliet had a brush with death, it was just the first. As the years progressed, it became more evident to the MacArthur's their daughter had a talent, and it was an ungodly one. They occasionally took her to see counselors about the matter, trying to do all they could to get her to stop 'playing with the dead' as they called it. They just didn't understand that Juliet couldn't stop what her powers wanted to do. As she got older, however, she did learn to hide it better. She figured enough to raise things willfully, in private where she could control it. Then she wouldn't do it accidently. Figuring out how to hide her powers by the time she was a teenager was probably the only thing that saved her ability to get a career with the police department. And, of course, that had always been her one dream. She didn't just want to be like her dad, she wanted to be better than her dad. As she grew older, she constantly joked with him that she'd make detective before she was 30. Only, for her it wasn't a joke, it was a goal.

Jules graduated high school in the top ten of her class and she immediately went to get her associates in criminal justice. She knew she didn't need it to get into the police department, but that it would help her make detective down the line. Going to school in the summers, she managed to finish her degree in two years and went straight into the police academy. She graduated her first time through and soon was serving on the same police force as her father. Within a year, she was the same rank. Though he said he was proud of her there was an odd amount of tension in the MacArthur house hold and she soon moved out to be on her own.

Jules was a fast riser with the LVPD. Partially because she had a good mind, but also because she was a HARD worker. That relentless energy as a child remained in her adult years and she'd often pull extra hours off the clock just to help her superiors on whatever case they might be working. It's that energy which probably helped propel her into making detective at the young age of 27, but also earn her some rather hard enemies along the way.

Jules volunteered to work stake out on a drug house they'd been monitoring for weeks now. They were fairly certain there was a meth lab inside, but they wanted to bring down the leader of the gang running the ring, not just the lackeys who kept up the drug supply. They had been watching the house on and off for days without their suspect coming near, so the young cop Juliet MacArthur finally got to take her turn in the driver's seat. Sure enough, with her luck, that was the night he showed his face. She possibly should have waited for back up, but he didn't look like he was sticking around long, the car idling outside that brought him here. So, she and her partner for the night went in. The bust went smoothly as possible. Juliet and her partner took down the head of the ring and the two boys working the lab that night. A few shots were fired, but their vests caught the bullets and the suspects were smoothly taken into custody. The only way it could have gone better was to get the whole gang instead of just the leader. Still, sometimes they fell apart when the business and figure head were both gone, and that was her hope. She testified in court against Marcos Del Ramos and he's now doing 15 years in jail due to her efforts. It's made her immensely unliked by what is left of his gang and, sometime down the line, this might come back to haunt her.

Still, it was an excellent job. The bust was enough for Juliet to earn a commendation and finally be promoted to detective. She's been assigned a new partner, Jeremiah Martin Miller, and she's looking forward to this next step in her career. Her outlook is good, if she can just continue to keep her powers under wraps. She could only be a little bit happier if her father would call her to even say congratulations. He retired a year ago and she keeps telling herself that maybe he just doesn't know she was promoted. She knows it's not true, but it's the little lies that help one sleep at night and life does go on.

Known Associates

  • Detective Henry Chandler - Previously just comrades, Jules and Henry have now been assigned to being partners with Miller going on leave. She's excited to work with the man but, so far, she is a hint frustrated that he likes to do all the talking. Their first case has been handed down from the cops on high to these new homicide rooks — mainly because no one likes to work during the holidays so the rookies get all the case. Still, they're learning to work together and it's going decently well.
  • Miller - Jules' one time partner, they had a good run and she does hope to see him again soon. They always had a decent relationship but things grew just a bit dangerous when they were drinking and a bit too freely honest with each other. Perhaps it is best they are taking a break from working together so they can cool off. Scottish and Spanish passions run entirely too high.
  • Captain Christopher Thorpe - Captain Thorpe is Juliet's commanding officer and, though she's worked under him for years now, she only knows him on a professional basis. He's also just a little bit frightening, not that she'd admit it to anyone publicly. She does respect him and enjoys working under his command.
  • Alexander - She met Alexander at the dinner a few weeks ago, and either her constant blushing or her fiery red hair drew his attention. Either way, he's been making eyes at her ever since. He's somehow managed to trick her into a date at the Excalibur Casino to see their medieval times demonstration. She's only slightly dreading the evening!

Events of Note (Logs)

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