Joe Diaz
Joe Diaz
Wes Studi
Wes Studi as Joe Diaz
Name: Joe Diaz
Alias: JD
Age: 44 years
Hair & Eyes: Black hair & Brown eyes
DOB: 10/31/1964
Faction: Civilian
Position: Owner, Ely Bookstore
Employment: Various bookstores in and around Las Vegas
Play Times: morning, early afternoon, and late evenings
Timezone: Pacific Time Zone

OOC Info!
Joe was born in Ely, Nevada, on the Shoshone Reservation there. His mother, Ellie Diaz, doted on him in between jobs, while his father, Miguel Diaz, a migrant worker (and illegal alien from Mexico), found work throughout the farmlands of the west coast of the US. Miguel sent money to his family as he was able, but his visits home were rare. Joe grew up fairly normal, nonetheless, albeit poor.

One thing he remembers is the stories his mother, and more often his grandmother, would tell about Shoshone beliefs. He was especially fond of Coyote as the creator figure, but ended up fearing dwarves (small people still make him a little nervous). The Ghost Dance was always a special time of year given these stories.

When he was 18, Joe abruptly joined the United States Marines Corps. Basically, he just wanted to get out, see the world. Well, he passed Basic, and went on to Advanced Infantry. Joe ended up in the Corps for four tours of duty, sixteen years, ending up a First Sergeant in Force Recon. Unknown to many in Paradise (where he now resides), Joe was quite the accomplished hunter of men in his day, his special forces training matching well with his own natural talents.

That was ten years ago though. Since then, Joe has returned to Nevada, and lives in Paradise, one of the districts of Las Vegas. One interest that blossomed while he was in the military was reading books, something that has become a passion for him. He's spent the last decade working for various bookstores in and around Las Vegas, and is planning on opening his own store soon. Information begats information, and Joe's interests have expanded to the internet, where he keeps a blog of his own running, discussing all manner of information.

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