Sam Worthington
Sam Worthington as Jared
Name: Jared
Alias: Asshole, maybe?
Age: 26, late twenties by appearence.
Hair & Eyes: Brown hair, blue eyes.
DOB: June of 1985
Faction: Civilian
Position: Hired gun.
Employment: Self employed
Play Times: Usually in the late afternoon/evening.
Timezone: EST

Jared's a mixed bag of treats. While at times he can be quite a jovial fellow, he's also a bit moody, suffering from several minor mental conditions from his time in the military as well as from several incidents that happened relatively recently. He's not afraid to approach random people and strike up a conversation just for the sake of having someone to talk to and is often relatively approachable just from a bystanders point of view alone.

Despite being a bit rough around the edges, he tries to be a nice guy, though his use of illicit substances, alcohol on top of it, tends to ruin that aspect of him completely. Instead substituting a relatively vulgar asshole into place. He's a shooter, a tactician, a gun for hire and he's more than willing to deal damage to the preternatural side of Vegas without very much mercy. Can anyone say nutcase?

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