Isobel Hayes
Isobel Hayes
Actress Unknown (Help?)
Actress Unknown (Help?) as Isobel Hayes
Name: Isobel Hayes
Alias: None
Age: 22
Hair & Eyes: Long Brown Hair with Sun-Bleached Highlights and Emerald Green Eyes
DOB: December 6th, 1985
Faction: Spring Mountain Pard
Position: Owner/Mechanic
Employment: Sweet Ride Automotive
Play Times: 5pm to 9 pm
Timezone: Pacific

Isobel Hayes was born in Ridgecrest, California to a blue-collar worker and his homemaker wife. She was the second of five children. While her parents were good people, the family often struggled to make ends meet and were often on government assistance. Isobel also struggled with an undiagnosed learning disability which made others (including her parents) believe that she was simply lazy and incorrigible. Attention Deficit Disorder, along with a drug and alcohol problem as well as tendancy to avoid school left her funcionally illiterate - a fact she keeps even more secret than her lycanthropy. She has a sealed juvenille record in California for such fun things as truancy, public drinking and possession of marijuana.

While she seems to come off - perhaps purposefully - as a dumn stoner, Isobel is actually very good with putting things together. It was not uncommon to see her in the basement of the Kit Kat Klub or in her shop with a model car or a 3D puzzle. From her early teenage years, she has learned how to work with cars and even managed to finish the vocational programs necessary to become a certified mechanic. For the past year, she has run her own auto shop - Sweet Ride Automotive in Paradise - with the help of her younger sister, Candi. Because it is a new business with a non-veteran mechanic, the shop struggles. However, Isobel is good at what she does and has her way of bringing in clients.

Isobel has been a member of the Spring Mountain Pard for a little over a year. She found her way to it's members at the Kit Kat Klub shortly after being infected through a bad innoculation. She lived within the basement of the club until the group crumbled and many of the Alphas left the city. While it's been many months, the prospect of being alone still worries Isobel.


Candi Hayes: Isobel's (NPC) sister and the counter person at Sweet Ride Automotive. Candi can be abbrasive, but Isobel is very protective of her.

Henry Chandler: Most people who know Isobel wouldn't expect to see her hanging around with one of the cities finest. However, she has been seen in Detective Chandler's company on more than one occasion.

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