Housing in Las Vegas

There are several options for players who wish to have an apartment, or their own residence. Sometimes, if you are a business owner, you can have your own residence in the same building as your business. If that isn't an option for you, you can check out any number of our fine rental properties.

+request Housing: <placename>=<text>

example: +request Housing: Paradise Square=I would like to rent an apartment in the Paradise Square Apartments in Winchester.

Staff will get you set up, and chown the room and exits to you so you can describe them, should you wish to deviate from the generic description. If you would prefer a two bedroom, you must state that in your request.

Gold Coin Apartments

This is the apartment complex conveniently located nearby Joe's Diner and the North End of the Strip. Winchester and the Strip are the closest destinations, making it a nice place for people who work there to live. It's low to moderate rent, so it's also affordable. The apartments are mostly 1 bedroom efficiencies. (These rooms are pre-build, and you need only modify an existing desc to your taste).

Black Feather Apartments

These are the artsy lofts in the Paradise District. They're roomy lofts featuring hardwood floors, large windows, and lots of space. The pricing is moderate, and the landlord lives on site. Residents are expected to clean up after themselves, and pitch in to maintain a nice living space. It also boats a common room with video game systems and pool tables, as well as on site vending machines and coffee. There's a gallery in the basement, and most of the residents are artsy types between the ages of 25 and 45.

Paradise Square Apartments

Located in Winchester, this is fairly low end housing. It's relatively clean, but pretty cheap, and the apartments are small, though there are a few two bedrooms available. It's very close to the park hospital, and LVMPD.

Sherwood Tower

Also located in Winchester, this secured tower features key card access to a private parking structure, and some of the nicer apartments available, unless you'd rather rent a room on a suite at the Venetian. This is a higher income bracket, or professionals. There are also a lot of cops living in this place.

The Desert Inn Motel

It doesn't get much lonelier or seedier than this. The Desert Inn Motel is home to dust and the desperate. It's located on Highway 161, a lonely stretch of road between Vegas and Jean.


All of the full size private houses go in Summerlin, though in real life, this would not be the case, on our grid we prefer to keep things de-cluttered by using it! So if you want to have your own house, this is where it goes. This is a quiet, residential area for our purposes. Well, most of the time.

Arroyo Court Condominiums

Arroyo Court runs off of Lake Mead Blvd in Summerlin, and features condos that can be purchased by the discerning owner who wishes to have their landscaping professionally done, and have access to gym facilities and a residents-only pool, all of which are centrally located on the grounds.

Sunny's Soda Shoppe

There are two apartments located above Sunny's Soda Shoppe on the Strip. The apartments are heavily sound proofed, since traffic on the Strip goes at all hours.

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