House Rules

Listed below are some House Rules, and other rules we feel bear repeating for emphasis, and to clear up confusion.

Silver Ammo

Silver ammunition tends to over penetrate, and is expensive. It is for these reasons that it is not generally carried by LVMPD officers. They must buy their own silver ammo, should they wish to use it. It tends to be frowned upon when bullets shoot through walls and multiple people, however. It's not standard practice to carry them. If you shoot someone with silver, you'd better be sure there isn't someone right behind them, unless you want to shoot them too. Everyone within reasonable line of fire must dodge. Silver hollowpoints are available but are srsly expensive, and frowned upon in general use.

SAD (Special Affairs Division) agents will *always* have silver ammo on their person, along with various harmful things designed to incapacitate a wide range of Preternaturals. One can assume that a SAD agent will always have silver, holy water, faith articles, and wooden stakes on their person, along with some specialized weapons for specialized purpose (such as silver nitrate incidearies).

Shifters, Drugs, & Alcohol

Shapeshifters have super fast metabolism. This means regular drugs and alcohol do not affect them in the same way they affect other people. Shifters do not get drunk and sloppy from Jack Daniels or Cocaine. Please do not run around saying you have a stash of special designer drugs in your pocket. These are plot devices only, and very hard to get hold of ICly. They require Staff consent.

Shifters & Medicine

Specialized medicine is required to treat Shapeshifters if they are in bad enough shape to need it. Also, medical professionals who are infected with Lycanthropy have to do an amazing dance not to get caught and fired, and likely sued by a gaggle of patients. It's highly unlikely you would be able to be both a shifter and a medical professional. Use extreme caution if you try to App one. We will not be gentle!

Preternaturals & the Police

Shifters (known) and Vampires are never allowed on the police force. There is a good deal of prejudice that exists regarding Preters on the part of the humans who's job it is to clean up their mistakes. Shifters are considered too volatile in high-pressure circumstances, and Vampires are limited by their disability with sunlight and "connections". Vampire and Shifters sometimes work as consultants to the police force, and this is considered a beneficial situation from the preter community, who seeks further equality and understanding in the future.

Shifter Tattoos

Shifters are able to get tattoos. However, special inks and needles are required. There are only a handful of people in the world able to successfully tattoo shifters. Depth is crucial here. Mercury inks and silver needles are required as well.

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