Haven Kelly
Sara Ramirez
Sara Ramirez as Haven Kelly
Name: Haven Kelly
Alias: None
Age: mid-20s
Hair & Eyes: Hair & Eye Color
DOB: Death: early August 2007
Faction: Red Knife Clan
Position: Lupa, EMT Paramedic
Employment: Las Vegas Fire Departmnt
Play Times: n/a
Timezone: n/a

Pre Grid History (SC1)

Before her infection by the bite of an amorous werewolf, Haven was a hard partying, harder working EMT paramedic. She had a vested interest in the safety and well being of the human population, and was a force to be reckoned with both on the job and off, coming from a long line of strong, exceedingly dominant Mexican and Mexican-American women. It would follow, then, that after her infection, her attitudes would run toward preservation and bolstering of pack strength. %r%rShe integrated into the new life well, accepting massive changes to her lifestyle and habits with the ease of one used to the ebb and flow of fortune and change. She made a fine wolf, and a powerful one, accepted readily into the bosom of her local pack as an Alpha female, and a friend to many outside of pack business.

Haven came to the Red Knife clan a few years after her infection, having left her previous pack after it's near decimation at the hands of a crazed master vampire who was killed in the middle of his slaughter by a well armed bevy of human police, in a rare display of competence. Haven barely survived the encounter, and would not have, save the intervention of the vargamor of the Garra Negra clan, who sheltered the seriously injured Haven in her home until the smoke cleared, and the cops ran out of bullets and flame thrower juice.

Though she rarely, if ever, discusses the event, there are few who have no heard whispers of the decimation of the Black Claw clan of Southern New Mexico. Their number is believed entirely extinct.

Haven made the trek north a full two years after the destruction of her first pack, after a period of self imposed isolation on the advice of her vargamor, and only intact and surviving connection to her former pack. She spent many months with the woman, healing the emotional scars left by losing so many friends and pack-mates, which lingered far longer than the physical trauma.

Which brings us to Nevada.

She crossed into the territory of the Red Knife clan as a refugee, in a sense. What better place to get lost than Vegas? After her self imposed recuperation period, she rejoined the ranks of the pack structure, as an Alpha outsider, though she has begun to work her way into the family.

Outside the pack, she retains her occupation as an EMT Paramedic, and rides with the LVFD, securely closeted as a Shifter, at least for the moment. Inside the pack, she is making a steady rise along the dominance chain, and is currently only a few wolves away from what some suspect may one day put her in the position of Fenrir.

IC Events (SC1)

After a few short months in game, though she had been with the pack about a year, Haven was named Lupa by the then Ulfric, Henry 'Hank' Corbin. Haven was a protector and active member in the pack, though still closeted. She never went to Hank's bed, which was a matter of some distress for other, more traditional members of the Lukoi. Haven took over when Hank left for business, and left for business, and mounted a extermination effort against encroaching were-Tarantulas, with the assistance of the Rodere and Pard. She was killed in the rescue effort, along with other Lukoi.

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