Hard Scenes

While we do not outright ban players from roleplaying scenes that involve rape, torture, or other 'hardcore' situations, please remember that scenes of this nature may be especially uncomfortable for some players to cope with, and no one is ever required to RP them. To this end we do not allow players to engage in scenes involving rape, torture, 'snuff', or other 'hardcore' events in public rooms. ONLY rooms that are privately owned or have exits that can be locked by the participants of the scene qualify as 'non-public' for the purposes of this rule. Players caught breaching this policy will be invited to leave Sin City. Keep the drama IC, people. If someone says FtB (fade to black), respect it.

Additionally, please note that acts that are against the laws of the city, county, state or nation of Sin City's theme may result in consequences if the incident comes to the attention of the IC law enforcement sphere. Keep the kink IC, and off the public grid unless you wanna get arrested and chucked in the pokey.

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