Gwen Rosemont
"The Silver Nightengale"
"The Silver Nightengale" as Gwen Rosemont
Name: Gwen Rosemont
Alias: "The Silver Nightengale"
Age: 23ish
Hair & Eyes: Chestnut hair, brown eyes, slender build
DOB: {$dob}
Faction: Vampire
Position: Morning Star
Employment: Employer(s)
Play Times: Daytimes and evenings
Timezone: EST

"Those fingers in my hair.
That sly
come hither stare
that strips my conscience bare
it's witchcraft.
And I've got no defense for it.
The heat is too intense for it.
What good would commonsense for it do?"
— "Witchcraft", by Frank Sinatra

General Info:

Gwen Rosemont is known as a torch singer of some small renown. She often can be found playing piano in the King of the Wind and lending her silky voice to old favorite tunes. For a tip, she may even honor your requests.

She is known as a generally bright and cheerful person, with a perennial positive outlook on life and a wide knowledge base that her self-effacing manner never quite justifies. She will be the first to admit that she is a simple girl with simple goals, but looks and words can be deceiving.

Notable Quotes:


Gwen is an Envy vampire who has been in Las Vegas since the late 1950's, with short excursions out of town.

Gwen is one of the two Lieutenants of Mr. See, the Master of the City. She is available to welcome new vampires to Las Vegas, or have them taken to meet the sunrise depending on how things go. Despite her innate charm, at her soul she is as ruthless as any of her kind.


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