Navigating Sin City's Grid

Our grid here at SC is small and pretty concise. It is not meant to be a duplicate of reality, putting LVMPD in Winchester instead of having a separate 'downtown' section. Keep in mind that though these grid rooms may be in very close proximity, it doesn't mean you can get from one place to the other in 2 minutes! Be courteous with your posing and scene sets.

At SC MUX, we do not require you to neccisarily pose through when you cross a room, but be advised that major pass-thorugh rooms can get spammy, and it is rude to just walk through without an OOC wave. Just because two people are in Winchester, it doesn't mean they automatically walk past each other. One could be by the hospital, one by the entrance to the park, several blocks apart, for example. Pose it, and be clear, please!

All Public Locations are considered Fair Game for RP. If you are in Public, your scene can get invaded. Though we always suggest that you page before you jump into a public scene. It's just polite.

Ask if you have any questions, or need clarifications!

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The main Grid here at Sin City MUX is relatively small, with 5 major Districts. As you can see, several businesses are located in most of the areas, and several of those are player owned. As time goes on, pages will be created for each business. Please stay tuned. If you have a business you would like to have linked, but do not see it, please +request. If you have text you would like to have added to your business page, please also +request.


The residential community of Summerlin is a mix of upper middle class homes and
wealthy single family residences—with a few rental properties mixed in, and
some light commercial venues on the outskirts of the district.


The famous 'Strip' that spans South Las Vegas Boulevard in Clark County. This is the place everyone seems to think of when they think of Las Vegas—a street full of super hotels, glittering casinos and glitz galore that isn't even inside the official Las Vegas city limits. No game set in Las Vegas would be complete without at least a nod to this part of the county, so we have constructed a small representation of it here at Sin City.

  • Kit Kat Klub - The infamous strip club!
  • Lombardi's Hideaway - A fine Italian Bistro.
  • The Venetian Hotel + Casino
  • Pistol Whip Inks - Local Tattoo Parlor.
  • P. N. Pawn - Paycheck advances + Pawn Shop.
  • Woodlawn Cemetary - hangout for dead people
  • Joe's Diner- a place to grab a bite
  • Caffeine - A Trendy little coffee shop that is known to cater to exotic tastes.
  • Sunny's Soda Shoppe - A 1950s style ice cream and soda parlor.
  • Sahara Sands Hotel + Casino
  • The King of The Wind - Classy restaurant inside the Sahara Sands Casino
  • Blood - Ubiquitous vampire club of the North End
  • The Cosmopolitan - Vegas's newest casino, home to many bars and restaurants
  • Mandarin's Court - an upscale casino and home to the Ming Ballroom
  • Five Dragons - Fancy restaurant inside the Ming casino


Just east of The Strip, Winchester is home to the largest number of rental properties on the game, along with a high number of commercial sites. On our grid, Winchester also serves as the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

  • LVMPD - Cops and donuts, baby!
  • The Lucky Horseshoe Pub - The place where nobody knows your name.
  • Sunrise Hospital
  • Neptune Laundrette - A tiny coin laundry.
  • Butcher Law -Lawyer in residence
  • Laundrette - for your dirty duds
  • King's Security - Office for the security firm.
  • Winchester Park - A large park w/ playground, and dog walks.
  • Jungle Java - kitschy Java joint with jungle juju.


Paradise represents the unincorporated area between McCarran International Airport (a short distance south of The Strip) and the 215 Beltway. The area serves as a mix of industrial, construction and heavy commercial, with some room for residences or light commercial venues in refurbished buildings.

  • Black Feather Apartments - An artsy set of lofts in a renovated warehouse—mostly artistic types.
  • Ely Books - A local, independent bookstore.
  • Sweet Ride - An auto shop.
  • Fly By Cafe -24 hour diner with the best pie in Vegas.


With a permanent population of less than one hundred, the tiny town of Jean, Nevada, lies thirty minutes or so south of the southern borders of the Las Vegas metro. With a small airport, truck stop and a few other amenities, the district is an oasis for country-minded souls who feel more at home out in the boonies than in the thick of city traffic and its hustle and bustle.

  • The Desert Rose Motel - A cheap little no-tell motel. They rent by the week, night, and hour.
  • The Whiskey Pit - A trucker's watering hole with no decor and less atmosphere. Dive bar.
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