All characters are assumed to have access to the regular gear appropriate for their character. Police PCs don't need to have a coded badge: they're assumed to just have it. Likewise, a computer nerd doesn't need to have a coded smartphone or laptop: they're assumed to just have it. In general, we feel that coded weapons and tools are an added complexity that is not needed.

PCs are also assumed to have access to common, legal, everyday possessions. You don't need to have a note saying that your PC carries around a cell phone, a flash drive and a pack of gum. These are all so common that we are perfectly willing to handwave them.

Anything else, including weapons or things which may reasonably be used as weapons, must be staffnoted. For instance:

  • Firearms
  • Any pocketknife large enough to be useful as a weapon
  • Handcuffs, flexties, zipcuffs
  • Pepper spray
  • Any quantity of silver larger than simple jewelry
  • Religious symbols
  • Body armor
  • Medical supplies (Equipment, drugs, etc. beyond a simple first-aid kit)

A good rule of thumb is that if you don't know if something should have a note, but you would like your PC to have access to it, consult a staffer! We're not super strict on this matter, but if you pull a gun on someone in a scene, we're gonna want to know where it came from. We fully exercise the right of our IC and NPC police to take your bad toys away if you have no cnote.

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