Drawbacks are (OPTIONAL) more serious issues your character has. Depending on the severity, they award 2 points, 4 points or 1 additional Talent. These are things that are dangerous to your character in game, and could seriously affect your physical well-being should they come into play in game. Some samples of Drawbacks are:

  • Vulerability: Silver, Sunlight, Holy symbols, Cold Iron
  • Severe Allergy: <allergy> (Hospital grade/fucked without epi pen type allergies)
  • Severe Phobia: <Phobia> (Fail the willpower roll and you're blazin' guns or fleeing like a girl, losing your marbles, etc)
  • Addiction: <Drugs, Power, Sex, whatever>(You don't get your poison and you're incapacitated or able to think of nothing else.)
  • Registered Lycanthrope
  • Hunted
  • Haunted/Nightmares
  • Enemy: <enemies, organization or prominent people who wanna fuck you up>
  • Cursed/Geased
  • Amputee/Physically Disabled
  • Criminal Record: <Local, Federal, International> (Sealed juvie records are quirks.)

Some drawbacks will require that you set a cnote on yourself to explain the circumstances of your Drawback. In game, refer to: +help +cnote

+cnote <notename>=<text>

The point award is determined by the severity of your Drawback. If you boosted a car when you were 17, that is not going to give you 4 points!

The number and severity of drawbacks allowed on characters is at Staff discretion.

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