To determine the difficulty of a roll, here are some benchmarks; these are merely guidelines. An actual difficulty may vary anywhere from 1-20.

result difficulty sample
20 Autonomic: breathe; if you can't succeed here, you're probably dead.
16 Trivial: cook Hamburger Helper; work a VCR; scrub a floor.
12 Basic: program a VCR; change a car tire; climb onto a roof.
10 Challenging: repair a car; leap from roof to roof; advanced computing.
8 Difficult: make a bomb w/cleaning supplies; build a car from a scrapyard.
6 Olympic-level: jump a Canyon on a motorcycle; crack a gov't database.
4 Legendary: cross Antarctica with few supplies; flip a car single-handedly.
2 Near-Impossible: run the 3-minute mile, build a better mouse trap.

The default difficulty for most rolls is 6.

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