Talents cover all positive aspects of a character that can't be covered by a skill or governed by a raw Aptitude, ranging from preternatural aspects to social advantages. There are 2 types: Talents based on Aptitudes and Talents which provide an in-game benefit that are not tied to dice.

Preternatural powers are typically tied to the Potency and Willpower Aptitude. For example: Mind Rolling <Pot>, Sense Preternatural Power <Per>, Animation <Pot>, Shapeshifting <Will>, etc.

Combat based Talents are specializations: Firearms <Com>, Hand to Hand <Com>, Melee <Com>, and Thrown Weapons <Com>.

Talents which are not tied to dice are elements that will provide an in-game benefit or immunity. Some examples are: Filthy Rich, Contacts: <Area>, Undead, Double-Jointed, Natural Weaponry: Claws & Fangs*, Poison Bite: Venom, Flight, Owed Favors: <person or group>.

Note: Please refer to the limits section for Talent restrictions.

*Lycanthropes do not have to purchase claws & fangs, as that is an assumed attribute in shifted form. If your claws are omnipresent, you do need to purchase this Talent.

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