Nobody Likes a Problem Player

Playing here is not a right. The game is free to its players and privately owned and maintained. If you break the rules or otherwise make a nuisance of yourself, expect to be invited to find somewhere else to play. Sin City staff reserves the right to remove any player deemed to be a "problem" at any time without prior warning, though we prefer to use a 3 strike system in light of the fact that sometimes people have a bad day or two.

We do believe that most of our players will never have any problems at all, but if it does come to pass, we ask that you please try to talk it out with staff. If one staffer is unhelpful, perhaps another will see things in a different way.

Bannable offenses include, but are not limited to: hacking, spamming, cheating, attention whoring, illegal use of the MUX or its host, or breach of policies outlined in these files, flaming staff for decisions, and ruining other's fun. You will be warned once, and asked to take a break. If this break does not improve one's attitude, then the break will become mandatory.

We are all here to enjoy and tell stories together. We welcome anyone who shares those goals.

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