The App before the App!

Before you can go into the real beginning of Character Generation (cGen), we'll need you to do a PreApp. What's a PreApp, you say? It's a little thingie that you send in to us by +request which tells us the basic idea of your character. It must be approved before you can enter CGen. Please consider the following questions and, when you're ready, send a +request to Staff with the responses to said questions.

1. What is your character's concept?
2. How does s/he view the preternatural world?
3. Do you have any RP hooks in mind to get yourself involved?
4. What is your experience with this theme? Read the books? Played other AB games?
(If you played on SC1, please let us know which alts were yours!)
5. Where did you hear of us? If referred by a player, please let us know whom it was.

Remember, this is a dark theme. And yet no situation is too dire for humor. Have fun with your answers, and tell us something about your character in the process. Please write a minimum of 3 lines per question, max of 8. Quick and dirty, but sufficient to get your point across. Obviously question 5 doesn't require as much verbage. A name will do. Or a place you saw the ad!

If you are a preter, you must specifically mention this somewhere in question 2, as well as whether or not you are apping an Alpha. The format is:

+request PreApp: <YourName>=<text>

Completing your PreApp is seen as an admission of having read the news files, as well as the BBoards. (In the game, +bbscan to see unread posts on the bb.)

You must also be sure you have @registered by this point. This lists your name, email, and alts (only Staff can see this info!)

@register <RL Name>=<email>=<alts>

All players must be registered and read and accept the conditions found in the various Policy Files found on this wiki.

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