Pack Roles

The Las Vegas Werewolf Pack are quite self-consciously patterned on the major packs of other cities. Due to the high transient population and people always coming in and out, the Crazy Eights believe in a stong central core.

The Werewolves are led by an Alpha Pair. This consists of a top wolf, usually but not always a male, and is always the most powerful and respected werewolf in Las Vegas. The female alpha (or male) is the mate of the top wolf, whether or not the top wolf has feelings for this person or not. In Werewolf culture, dominance is about power and influence, and while affection has its place, it is not the rule in wolfpacks.. The most powerful werewolves get paired off, and there's no requirement they like each other. In other cities, Alphas have been known to plot each other's murders: it is possible the same will someday happen in Las Vegas.

The second-in-command of the Pack are the Beta Wolves. These wolves are the middle-management of the pack, and some of the most beloved members of the pack. They are support for the Alphas, and strength for the lower ranks. Sometimes the Alphas and Betas form a united front to lead other werewolves, and sometimes they're a bunch of wolves turning on each other vying for control of the pack.

The Omega Wolf is the lowest ranking wolf in the pack. While in natural packs, this wolf tends to be the "fall guy", in Werewolf packs this person is someone with natural charm and an abundance of personality. It's this person's role to be the comedian of the pack, and to provide stress relief when things get tense. Well liked and everyone's friend, the Omega is a treasured memeber of the pack.

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