Know Your Limits

Combat: You may have 1 Combat Talent at d12, 2 at d10, and 3 at d8.

Physical Prowess: Normal Human Max. is d10. Lycanthropes must have a prowess of at least d10.

Willpower: Alpha shifters must have d10 Will or better. Lycanthropes are limited to a d12 unless they have purchased the Alpha Shifter <Pot> Talent.

Perception: All lycanthropes must have a Per. of at least d12.

Potency: Normal Humans stay at d12, unless they are a special character. This attribute may not be farmed by humans for points. Lycanthropes are limited to a d10 unless they purchase the Alpha Shapeshifter <Pot> Talent.

Talents: Limit: 2 without purchase of Drawbacks of special abilities as awarded by your specific race/were type/special character type.

Note: When we say 'at least' d12, this means that d16 and d20 are not acceptable values. Similarly, max d10 or no greater than d10 would mean you cannot have a d8, d6, etc.

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