Damage & HP & Healing, Oh My!

Determining Damage

If you are in a gun battle and both of you have Firearms, and choose to shoot each other rather than fleeing, you both roll your Firearms <Com> which is equal to your respective Combat Aptitudes.

If you do not have Firearms as a Talent, but still wish to fire a gun, you may do so, taking a dice penalty from your Combat score. If you have a d12 Combat, but no Firearms Talent, you will then roll a d16 to shoot.

Once you have both rolled, the person with the lower number result wins. Damage must then be determined. Base damage is determined by the difference in the rolls. If Bob shoots at Fred and Bob rolls a 7 while Fred rolls a 3, Fred wins. Base damage is 4.

Bonus Damage

Hand to Hand bonus damage is determined by the following table:

prowess dice bonus HtH damage
d20 is that a light breeze?
d16 seriously. no.
d12 3
d10 5
d8 7
d6 9

Prowess, in this case, represents strength.

Bonus Damage: (ranged or melee)
5 : Small Weapon: Knife, Pistol, Club.
10 : Large Weapon: Sword, Shotgun, Claymore, Buick.

Shifted Lycanthropes are considered to be armed with small melee weapons, and therefor always do 5 bonus damage.


A character's Health Point (HP) value is derived from the character's Physical Prowess:

prowess dice health points
d20 10
d16 20
d12 35
d10 50
d8 60
d6 75

At 50 percent health, a character is considered very badly injured, and you must subtract 1 dice from any rolls based in Physical Prowess (If you had a d12, you treat it as if it's a d16). At 30 percent Health, for every additional hit landed on you, you must make a Physical Prowess check at a difficulty of 6, and pass it, or lapse into unconsciousness. At 10 percent health, you are effectively immobile, and can exert no real effort. If you can't regenerate (that is a Talent), you will absolutely need hospitalization at this point. If you do not receive immediate medical attention, you will bleed out and die. At 0 health, you are dead.


A character heals back the amount of health based on this forumla:
Y=21 - Physical Prowess

  • Y represents the number of points you heal back per day.
  • If you have Regeneration, you heal back Y points per combat round.
  • If you are hospitalized, you heal back 2xY.

Bob has a d12 in Physical Prowess.
21 - d12 = 9.
Bob heals back 9 points per day at home on his couch.
Bob heals back 18 points per day at the hospital.
Super Bob (with the Regeneration Talent) heals back 9 points per round of combat.

prowess dice human daily heal hospital daily heal regen. heal silver on lycans
d20 1 2 1* 1
d16 5 10 5* 5
d12 9 18 9* 9
d10 11 22 11* 11
d8 13 26 13* 13
d6 15 30 15* 15

*healing per combat round

Wounds inflicted upon Lycanthropes with silver items make them heal at human speed, thereby negating Regeneration. Shifting after exiting combat doubles heal points, as if the shifter were a human in a hospital.

The use of the Healing Talent triples heal points.

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