Combat Overview

Combat is pretty simple. Let's say someone attacks you. Do you flee? Do you fight? Once you have made the decision, the rest is numbers. If you choose to flee, you will need to make a dodge roll.

Dodge is based off of the Hand to Hand talent. If you do not have HtH, you must roll your Combat minus one die. (If you have a Combat of d12, and no HtH, your dodge is d16.) If your roll result is lower than your opponent's, you win. In this case, you would have successfully dodged their attack. You will still need to beat a Physical Prowess roll, possibly several, to escape the area they are in.

If you are in a basement, for example, and need to go up stairs, through several rooms, and out, they may yet have another chance to hit you, depending on their combat style, and race. Remember, were-creatures and bullets are faster than humans! It is for this, and other nuances of combat, that we ask if you're going to get into combat, you +warn <person>=<reason> to send a message to staff to come in and moderate your combat.

+warn Bonnie=Spraying an angry werewolf in the face with 500 dollar perfume, whilst calling it 'Hairy Ape', the day before the full moon, is a really Bad Idea.

This issues an OOC warning of impending danger to the named player, along with a generic warning and your <reason>.

Do not use this command flippantly. Give players ample time to make up their minds. This is to be used BEFORE a timestop occurs. The command does display a message to staff when used.

An available Staff member will hop in to mediate, should combat occur. If no Staff member is available at the time, please refer to the combat section and do your best. If either the person in the +warn wishes, a time freeze may be issued until a Staffer is available.

When a Staffer arrives, please give a brief description of what has happened to lead up to that point. Staff may ask for a couple of poses to be paged. Once everyone's agreed on what has happened, the scene will continue with the Judge on hand. It keeps everybody honest, and takes the stress off the players who may be trying to figure out WTF they need to roll.

Wanna know more about combat and damage? Read on through the damage file.

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