The five aptitudes that each character possesses represent their raw, natural ability and potential. The levels of proficiency vary between D20 (Nearly crippled in an area) to D4 (Best in the world), and begin at a default of D12, which is human average in an area.

Combat: This governs the character's proficiency and natural talent for combative disciplines. Specialties in combat such as Firearms or Unarmed are determined by Talents.

Physical Prowess: This is how physically fit a character is and for various physical attributes including: strength, natural dexterity, speed, endurance, and health.

Perception: A character's proficiency at noticing things, remembering things and utilizing their senses to determine things in their surroundings.

Willpower: The ability to control own urges and resist mental and supernatural influence is therefore ruled by this rating. For shapeshifters, this aptitude also determines how well they can control their shapeshifting ability.

Potency: Determines the raw supernatural power of the individual. Most preternatural powers are ruled by this Aptitude, although some fall under the Willpower instead.

Note: Please view news limits for Aptitude and Talent Restrictions by character race and flavor.

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