Davis (NPC)
Ving Rhames
Ving Rhames as Davis (Surname Unknown)
Name: Davis (Surname Unknown)
Alias: Davis-my-love (by West, only.)
Age: 47
Hair & Eyes: Bald, Brown
DOB: 4/4/1961
Faction: Rodere
Position: Bartender
Employment: The Rathskeller
Play Times: (NPC)
Timezone: (NPC)

General Information

Davis - if anyone knows his last name, nobody's sharing it, much like Cher or Prince - is the bartender at the Rathskeller and, although he's unregistered and the fact kept quiet, a were-rat. No alpha, as far as anyone knows he has no real ambition of his own, content to do his job and watch the human dramas that play out in the nightclub every day. He's always got a friendly word for a regular, never forgets a face or a drink order, and never bothers a soul. Most of the customers like him, and he rarely gives anyone reason not to, unless they're causing trouble in the club or speaking poorly of the King, who he's quite loyal to.

Although he flirts freely - if casually - he's never been known to go home with anyone at the club. Rumor has it that he's gay and in a relationship with a were-cat, but he's respected and liked enough for few to spread that rumor, and none to pry into it too much. He listens well, knows secrets, and undoubtedly has his own to protect.

NPC Emitting

Anyone at the Rathskeller can emit Davis as someone passing out drinks and generally doing the bartender's job. Anthony and West are the only ones with full permission to emit Davis as an active participant in anything.

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