Daniel - NPC
Milo Ventimiglia
Milo Ventimiglia as Daniel Di Alberto
Name: Daniel Di Alberto
Alias: Danny
Age: 21
Hair & Eyes: Black, Green
DOB: February 17
Faction: UNLV Student
Position: Film Student/Receptionist
Employment: Animated
Play Times: Variable
Timezone: Variable

General Info

Daniel is a temp. who tool over the reception position at Animated in September 2007 when the previous receptionist went walkabout. He's a quiet guy, who works in the office at night, after he's finished his school day at UNLV as a film and anthropology major.

Emitting Permissions

Bonnie and St. John have permission to emit Daniel.

Though he is currently an NPC, Daniel is open for play should anyone like to try to take him on as his character is built.

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