Credits Staff

Current Staff of Sin CityIII:

  • Stardust (Crazy in the Head)
  • Martini (Ace Crackshot Twink Sniper)
  • Void (Backup Code)

We'd like to thank the previous Staff and players of this little world. You all created such a wonderful setting that it has been a bittersweet task to go though and revise the setting. Please accept our thanks, and feel free to come on and chat. The door's always open and we'd love to hear from you.

Development Help

Those souls who have helped Stardust in her efforts to make this happen, to whom we are deeply grateful.

  • Jupiter (Code and Sanity)
  • Draco (More Sanity — we need lots!)
  • Whiskey (A Distilled beverage)

Former Staff (Who's indulgence and generosity we greatly thank):

  • Martini
  • Vodka
  • Rum
  • Wine


From 2008 Staff — Special thanks go out to all of the players and Staff from SC's original MUX which closed down in 2007. Wine, the former headwiz, allowed moderated access to grid descs and whatever else from the old game we wished to use.

Thanks to Wormwood for modifying a mod he made to the Window system for us to use on this game, though he originally intended it for his game.

From Us — To Joc, who taught Stardust that online roleplay could transcend shallowness, and without whom some of the founding ideas of this game would never have happened.

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