The Creation of Log Entries for Posterity!

When creating a log entry on the wiki, you must first create a new page. When you are prompted, choose the RP Log Template. When you edit your logs, please remove all page, OOC, and channel spam, and be sure there's a blank line between each person's posing! This just makes things easier to read.

The names in the LogIcon section are case sensitive and apply only for the first names of the PCs involved in the scene. For example, you might replace 'Name1' with 'Stardust'. The images will automatically be included, when you save.

If you need a Log Icon for your character, or are unhappy with your existing one, let us know!

+request Icon:<charname>=I would like a log icon. Here are some links to photos of my actor to choose from: <link>, <link>, <link>. Etc.

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