How To Make A Nifty Bio Page

When making your own character page, the first 2 things you will need to do are 1) Create a new page and 2) Upload an image of your actor to that page. Click the following to make a new page: new page. When you create this page, you can choose a template to use. You want to use the Character template.

You will need to name your page with the name of your charbit on the game. If you would like help with this, just ask Staff. Once that is done, you will go to the bottom of your new page, and click 'files'. It should be on the bottom right. An option to 'upload new files' will appear at the bottom left.

Click it and follow the instructions. Upload the image from your computer to the site, naming it something easy to remember.

Once the file is uploaded, go to the 'edit' tab at the bottom of your page. Click it. Fill in the template as shown:

[[include CharacterBox
|title=Character Box Title
|name=Character Name
|alias=Known Alias
|age=Character Age
|features=Hair & Eye Color
|dob=Date of Birth
|faction=Faction (Rodere, Lukoi, LVMPD, Civilian, etc)
|position=Position/Job Title/Rank
|times=Play Times
|tzone=Time Zone
|actor=Actor Name

Info about your character goes here

To see an example, check out West. You must fill in every field, even if you type Uknown or N/A or None. See below for how West's is filled out.

[[include CharacterBox
|title=Detective Charlie West
|name=Charles West
|alias=None Currently Known
|features=Brown, Green
|dob=14 Feb 1980
|employment=City of Las Vegas
|times=8p - 2a.
|tzone=GMT -5
|actor=Maggie Gyllenhaal

If you put any information about your character under that little box of info, and it will appear to the left of it. You can organize the rest of the page however you see fit! You may want to add some 'tags' to the page. Staff may also go through and add tags, or edit them for clarity/consistency.

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