Cosmopolitan Casino

Cosmopolitan Casino
Cosmopolitan Casino
Opened TBD
Type Casino
Owner/CEO Lillyana Starr
Location Las Vegas Blvd at Tropicana Ave

The Cosmopolitan Casino, also known as The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is Las Vegas' newest casino. Owned by Lillyana Starr, the casino has become a focus of the city because of the risk by the newcomer to the casino scene. They're waiting to see if the casino will be a hit or just another casino doomed to be forgotten.



The Lobby's decor is that of the 1940s with the thick wood panel and chrome. The floors are covered by a red industrial carpeting that is found in the rest of the casino. Patrons and gamblers freely pass through this area. Against the back wall is a large reception desk that handles reservations, show tickets sales and reservations for the other establishments within the casino and is manned twenty-four hours a day.

Vesper Bar


With a nod to the obscure cocktail created by James Bond, this bar offers cocktails mixed with style and grace. Vesper Bar is a haven of modern sophistication with firm roots in elegance of the past. Surrounded by mirrored tiles and centering on a ornate, wooden liquor cabinet, this place exudes classic charm in a contemporary setting. Surrounding the liquor cabinet in the center of the room is the elegant oak and granite topped bar. Spread out around the room are various tables and booths line the walls.

Featuring a rotating menu of signature cocktails based on long forgotten recipes, it is the place to go for the perfect drink mixed with style and grace. The staff wears outfits reminiscent of what you'd find in the old Bond films. One could almost expect the namesake's creator to walk into the room at any moment.

Marquee Nightclub


The venue is more than 60,000 square feet, with 50-foot-tall ceilings and an unparalleled sound stage designed to cater to any performer's whim is having the final preparations taken. Coliseum-style seating surrounds a focal dance floor is being put together under the four-story LED screens and projection walls that are still currently being constructed. A balcony overlooking the dance floor has been set aside for a DJ booth. Several tables line the dance floor though there are no chairs for them. The exquisite space offers a room called the "Boom Box" as a mixed-format area. With vast glass window-walls that are still covered by brown paper, blocking out the lights from outside.

The Chandelier

The Chanedelier is a living, breathing architectural wonder created by luminous beaded curtains of light that line the walls. An inhabitable, multi-story visual spectacle housing three unique restaurant experiences linked by a set of spiral glass staircases; The Chandelier provides a bit of playground, art exhibit and dining experience all at once. The bottom of The Chandelier houses a high-energy spot that transcends the notion of the classic casino bar. The second floor houses a a fine dining spot that bleeds with the essence of the 1940s at a reasonable price. On the top floor is an inviting lounge that showcases the splendor of The Chandelier, providing guests with a glimpse into the mystique and magic of the world within.

Casino Floor

The massive casino floor comes to life with the excitement of classic gaming that spreads out across the entire length of the building. The decor is that of a 1940s Nightclub complete with the full Big Band orchestra tucked off to one side that plays during the evening hours. The large majority of the floor is covered by 1,478 reel spinning, video reel and video poker machines of all values and styles. A section of the floor houses the table games that range from Blackjack, Craps to and Baccarat and other popular games. A sectioned off area of the floor, raised slightly is an area for the High Rollers and the higher valued games.


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