Consent and you on Sin City MUX.

We are a Non-Consent Mux. This means that you can be killed against your will if your IC behaviors lead up to such an act. We do not support random PK (player-killing) as it serves no advantage to our story. However, if your PC is doing ill-advised things, we believe that realism dictates realistic consequences. Any PK is staff-mediated and requires approval.

1. You may 'fade to black' on a scene at will. No player is required to pose out the gory details of a scene that would make them uncomfortable OOC; however, players who 'fade to black' should negotiate an outcome. Fade to black (ftb) can be invoked to allow a scene to conclude off-screen, where events are not described pose-by-pose, but instead assumed to have simply happened.

2. You're not required to participate in plots/events hosted by staff or other players; however, you cannot ignore the effects they have on the IC world. If something rains down on you as a result of major plots simply because, for example, you are a shifter, you will have to deal with these issues. And, as always, ICA=ICC.

3. Death comes to those who act ill-advisedly; the same can happen on a MUX, especially in the horror genre. Although we discourage rampant or random 'player character' (PC) killing, we also encourage people to create characters with flaws and weaknesses, and in this theme, your character has a good chance of risking death by being active and involved. If you have an OOC problem with the possibility of losing your character at some point, disconnect now. While involuntary character death is rare, it is something that can and does happen in a horror theme.

4. If your character goes against his faction, you will not be granted a free pass. You should expect IC ramifications, such as being hunted down and other bad things. We will not save you from yourself. Please be advised.

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