Civilians are normal humans, who are in mortal peril of all these things; age, disease and physical trauma. Oh, and of course the vampires and shifters now walking freely among them…

Just because humans have no innate powers, does not mean that they are helpless. Some fight back and hunt the preternatural beings that walk among them. The capabilities of these mortal hunters depend entirely upon their training, skills, and experience. While individual mortal hunters (or even small, loosely organized groups) are a minor threat to a supernatrual community, there are large organizations that can be a major threat.

One known agency handle preternaturals in Las Vegas is the SAD. Police may not have the equipment and personel to handle a rampaging shifter, but SAD will have the technology and firepower to handle most situations, often with deadly force. The more society comes to understand the strengths and weaknesses of vampires and shifters, the more dangerous these organizations become.

However, the majority of the city's population carry on with their lives, blissfully unaware of the constant threat at their doorstep. Until, inevitably, it comes crashing through the door.

Magical beings exist, but are neither revealed to the general public, nor generally spoken about by the preternatural community.

Example Civilian Roles

Profession Suggested Abilities
Academic A student or teacher Craft, Language, Teaching
Activist A protestor of ringleader Leadership, Streetwise
Actor A tv, movie or stage star Etiquette, Perform
Artist A painter or sculptor Craft
Criminal A thief, hitman or mobster Demolitions, Forgery, Stealth
Doctor A medical professional Medicine, Social Sciences
Engineer A construction worker or IT specialist Demolitions, Craft, Technology, Information Systems
Entertainer A dancer, singer or musician Animal Handling, Craft, Perform
Hitman A hired gun Armed combat, Small Arms, Stealth
Law A lawyer or judge Etiqutte, Interrogation, Negotiation
Law Enforcement A cop, detective or SAD agent (see cops) Interrogation, Investigation, Small Arms
Occultist A specialist in magic or preternaturals Perform, Subterfuge
Politician A member of the local government Etiquette, Leadership, Subterfuge
Religion A priest, nun or cultist Leadership, Perform
Media A reporter, writer or photographer Craft, Investigation, Streetwise
Scientist A biologist or pharmacist Craft, Medicine, Technology
Soldier A military professional Armed Combat, Defense, Small Arms
Vagrant A drifter or homeless person Streetwise, Stealth, Gambling
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